The Power of Healing Through The Mind Body Connection


As a physician, I used to believe that our bodies and minds are fallible and that we doctors need to rush in and fix them. When I became a molecular biologist, science illuminated a simple fact that I hadn't fully realized until then: each and every cell of our bodies has intelligence and sheer unlimited potential to grow, adapt and heal in ways that are still far too complex for us to comprehend fully. The ability of our body to maintain trillions of cells in a delicate equilibrium of growth, healing, and death is truly ingenious and suggests that there is a regulating consciousness that connects and directs all of our cells. This was when I became fascinated with the mind-body connection.

The longer I studied the mind-body-spirit connection, the more I realized my traditional perspective of health and healing was undergoing a serious transformation.

Healing isn't supposed to be a battle between good and evil or health and disease, where we doctors sweep in like knights in shining armor, equipped with powerful and often deadly weapons, determined to "win" at any cost.

...and the patient isn't meant to be the battlefield, staying passive and "patient" still until the war is over.

I certainly appreciate how medicine has benefited and improved our lives in so many ways. And I have gratefully taken my share of pain medication or antibiotics and will continue to do so when necessary. However, the current paradigm of allopathic medicine doesn't encourage us to trust in and utilize our innate wisdom and healing potential but instead fosters a sense of dependency, disempowerment, and fear of illness. In new mind-body-spirit healing perspectives, illness is not the enemy of health but an integral component of a powerful organic system, which has evolved throughout hundreds of thousands of years.

The primary purpose of illness is to alert us that we are, on some level, distressed and out of balance.

To heal and regain our natural state of wholeness, the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, we need to identify and address the deeper root causes of this stress and imbalance―and even more importantly, learn how to take advantage of our innate healing powers.


Like me, this month's guest on Get Real firmly believes that we all have innate self-healing potential - we just haven't learned how to utilize it fully.

Master Sha is an allopathic physician, a doctor of Chinese medicine, and trained in many Chinese philosophies and energy healing techniques. Master Sha is a renowned Tao grandmaster, healer, spiritual teacher, and the author of over 25 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers.

 THURSDAY NOV 18th | 9AM PT/12PM ET he joins me on Get Real to discuss ways he discovered to strengthen our abilities to heal ourselves.