Are You Overthinking Your Relationship?


Do you believe that your anxiety holds you back from having healthy romantic relationships? You may have told yourself that you are flawed and broken and that, therefore, nobody wants to date you, let alone be with you. Or that you won’t measure up and aren’t worthy of true love and have to settle for … Read more

Overcome Anxiety | A Journey of Healing The Inner Child

Although I usually try to avoid generalizations, you probably agree that men are much more comfortable expressing anger than admitting anxiety. They perceive anger as a form of claiming control, which is often based on the role modeling of their parents. But as hard it may be for men to admit, they also worry, fear, … Read more

Overcome Anxiety | Knowing You Are Good Enough

“You are not alone.”| James Inner conflict … This is an area of struggle for all of us at one time or another. Did you know that the reason why you’re anxious may be a conflict between 2 parts of your inner-self? One part of you may be ambitious at work, ready to date again, … Read more

Overcoming Anxiety and Living Up To Our Potential with Jamil

“The world needs men to get healthy and show up for the people around them. “| Jamil Anxiety can be a challenge for all of us.  Yet, how we deal with anxiety is very different. Most men have been raised to believe that showing their feelings and, more specifically, fear and anxiety are a sign … Read more

Set Yourself Free From Shame And Overwhelm

“When you are feeling overwhelmed, remember: the goal is functional.”| KC Davis Life gets busy, messes are made and sometimes, cleaning up those messes is enough to make us want to run and hide. But as soon as we let our chores slide, a familiar inner voice pipes up, judging and shaming us for not … Read more

Getting a Handle on Our Anger

“If you fuel anger with righteousness, you will get hate.”| Dr Friedemann Anger will come and go, but it is our job not to let it take our power when it does arise. Instead, we should see it as a message from our subconscious that something is out of balance in our world and needs … Read more

How To Become A Source Of Peace For Yourself And The World

“We need world peace more than ever, right now.”| Dr Friedemann Peace has been a journey for me personally and in my work for quite a long time. But I feel that this is the moment where we need world peace more than ever in my lifetime.  There is so much divisiveness in the world, … Read more

Why Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Scare You

“Anxiety is has become somewhat of a friend to me.”| Dr Friedemann Anxiety is the number one mental health issue that millions of people struggle with every day, including me.    When it comes to anxiety, there are three options people often fall back to…    Fighting the anxiety, getting frustrated or angry with it, … Read more

Are You In An Abusive Relationship?


“You know that you’re abused when you’re continuously feeling disrespected, unsafe and controlled.”| Dr Friedemann Have you ever wondered whether you are currently in an abusive relationship? Maybe your family and friends told you that how you are treated is not ok. But no matter how much pain, disappointment or anxiety your partner causes you, you … Read more

Effective Ways to Relaunch Your Life After Setback


“Setbacks can lead to new beginnings if you know where to look and how to reframe your perspective”. Hilary DeCesare   Wouldn’t it be nice if life would always go our way? If we could have what we want – predict what will happen – and always feel happy and safe?  Unfortunately, this is not … Read more

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