Reboot your mind and master your emotions so that
fear, anxiety and “I am not good enough” will never stop you again.

Learn about how I will help you create the transformational results and success you have been seeking.


Are You Ready for YOUR Breakthrough?

Do you suffer from fear, anxiety or depression?

Do feel trapped in self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs?

Do worries, doubt and insecurity make you feel overwhelmed and powerless?

Do you struggle with feeling unsafe, unworthy and not belonging?

Do you grapple with the need to please others in order to gain approval?

Do you feel often angry, powerless and out of control?

Do you deal with low energy, lack of clarity and brain-fog?

Do you know that your life should be more fulfilling and joyful, but something holds you back from being the best version of yourself?


What If You Could Let Go Of Your Emotional Baggage And Self-Limiting Patterns? Start Fresh With A Clean Slate?

Like many of my clients, you may have also tried everything to overcome these obstacles, but somehow you haven’t had the results you hoped for.

What holds us back is not who we really are, but who we think we are. Which is why we are all capable of much more than we may have believed – or may have been made believe.

The Accelerated Breakthrough Program is a step-by-step process that consists of one-on-one coaching, conscious-subconscious mind integrative processes and effective, self-empowering tools, all tailored to your needs. We’ll dive into exactly what you’ll need to shift in yourself in order to easily live your most engaged, authentic life without fear, anxiety or depression every holding you back again.

This program is a proven solution, which has helped thousands of my clients to overcome their emotional and mental challenges and become healthier, happier and more productive.

“Working with Dr. Friedemann was tremendous. He helped me to grow as a man, as a father and a spouse. And he made me realize that I have unlimited potential to have anything I want and to live a happy, stress-free life.”

Matt Cohen, Actor (Supernatural)

With the Accelerated Breakthrough Program you will be able to:

Shed away the emotional baggage and traumas of the past

Develop mental and emotional resilience

Step into your most authentic self and unlock your true potential

Gain unstoppable confidence and trust in yourself

Be courageous in seizing the opportunities in life

Approach every day with positivity, drive and optimism

Be motivated and passionate to live your life with greater joy and purpose


Master your emotions, upgrade your belief systems, unlock the awesome potential your authentic essence and your most highly engaged, life of purpose and passion with unshakable confidence.

Agatha Nowicki, Actress (When Strangers Meet, Law & Order: SVU)

Overcome your challenges within months, even if you have struggled for years.

The Accelerated Breakthrough Program utilizes the learning power of your conscious and subconscious mind, to release mental and emotional blocks, erase non-supportive patterns and beliefs and to gain solid confidence and trust in yourself. For most clients 8 sessions are all it takes to break through and outgrow their challenges, no matter how long they had been struggling before.

You can have your breakthrough no matter what time zone you are in.

I am working with clients all over the globe via Skype, Zoom or over the phone. As you are focusing on yourself from the comfort of your own home, you aren’t distracted by an unfamiliar environment and are able to anchor and implement the changes you have been accomplishing much quicker into your daily life. So regardless where you live, you can break through your challenges and empower yourself.

The Keys to Lasting Change

The Accelerated Breakthrough Program

is a step-by-step process, which provides you with the guidance, methods and tools to leave your struggles behind for good and create the results you truly desire. While the breakthrough sessions are custom-tailored to your needs and goals, they follow a framework, which has proven to be the most effective method to move beyond any perceived limitations.


Step 1: Identify The Deeper Root Causes Of Your Challenges:

Like many others, you may have felt so consumed by your problems that you identified yourself with them and stopped thinking about what you would like to experience instead. Already within your first session you will be able to clearly identify both the subconscious root causes of your challenges and the results you are committed to create. These insights provide you with the leverage to effectively attain profound change in a short amount of time.


Step 2: Release Your Emotional Baggage

How would it feel to you, if you could let go of the fear, anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt or anger that have weighed you down for years? During the following sessions you will address and resolve through total-mind integrating methods, such as The Pattern Resolution Process, Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Medical Hypnotherapy the mental-emotional blocks and self-limiting patterns that prevented you from harnessing your untapped potential.


Step 3: Resolve Inner Conflicts:

One of the major root causes of stucknesss are inner conflicts, where a part of you wants to move forward and have more joy and fulfillment, while another part of you seems to hold you back through negative self-talk, procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviors. As a result of this fragmentation of your mind, you may find it difficult to make decisions or stick to your plans. With the Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Program you will learn how to resolve this inner tug-of-war and achieve mental and emotional peace, clarity and congruence. Enjoy a new sense of wholeness, which allows you, may be for the first time, to be truly comfortable in your own skin.


Step 4: Replace Your Limiting Core Beliefs:

While clearing away the inner blocks is essential for your breakthrough, in order to fully outgrow your challenges, it is crucial to replace any limiting core beliefs (such as “I am not good enough; I don’t fit in; I am not safe; I don’t deserve”) with a new, empowering perspective on yourself and the world around you. Through a series of effective processes, you will be able to reset your core beliefs on the level of your conscious and subconscious mind all the way down to you cellular memory. This way, you will not only think and feel differently about yourself and your life, but also in a short amount of time, completely embody the new, more confident, positive and self-appreciative version of yourself.


Step 5: Integrate and Implement:

Change and growth become only meaningful and lasting, if you make them an integral part of your life. The Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Program provides you with effective strategies and daily routines to ground and expand the results you have been achieving into your daily life. You will establish healthy, self-affirming habits that allow you to keep the positive momentum and continue to grow and thrive.



After each session, you receive practical tools and ‘homework,’ to solidify what we have been focusing on and to keep your conscious and subconscious mind flexible and engaged. The sessions can be recorded, so that you can go through the deeply transformational processes again. Follow-up check-in via e-mail is also provided for any additional clarity or accountability.

Your Investment

8 Session Package

  • The 8-session package for the Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Program is $3200. (You will receive any additional session at the reduced rate of $400.)

Individual Sessions

$500 per session
  • If you choose to pay for each session individually, the cost is $500.

Each session is 2 hours long. The sessions can be recorded, so that you can listen to them again and thus deepen and solidify your insights and positive changes. In between the sessions, which are usually scheduled every 2 weeks, you will receive specific empowering tools, homework and e-mail support. Most clients are able to overcome their challenges within 8- 10 sessions.

I was a total mess to be honest, at the start of our sessions. Anxious, depressed  haunted by panic attacks. Dr. Friedemann helped me to me take off the many layers that I hid so well under, and start living again, in a more authentic and self-affirming way.

Ciaran Brian, Ireland

Dr. Friedemann helped me to get back in touch with my childhood gifts and my inner strength, which has been a deeply freeing, healing journey for me. Through his work, I understand my life consciously from a different perspective and am able to enjoy the blessings of self compassion and a deep connection to my heart and soul.

Christine Nicols, Vancouver, Canada

A year ago I got hit with the worst insomnia of my life - I am talking about the kind of insomnia where you can't sleep at all. After only two sessions with Dr. Friedemann, my sleep started to greatly improve and by the 3rd session my sleep was completely back to normal. He did what the strongest sleeping pills on the market could not do, which was get me sleeping again. Dr. Friedemann digs deep to get to the roots of your issues, and helps you resolve them for good.

Nader Sharif, Las Vegas, USA

I have struggled with anxiety my entire adult life. When I started to work with Dr. Friedemann my mind was constantly filled with feelings of dread, and negative thoughts about myself, I was truly stuck! I completed his Breakthrough Program and can't believe how much my life has changed. The issues that weighed so heavily on me a few months before, I had entirely forgotten about. I've been to therapists in the past in an effort to resolve my issues with anxiety, but even after years of sessions, never felt that I made much progress.

Dr. Schaub's methods are different from anything I've ever tried, but they make so much sense and more importantly, they work!  I can never thank Dr. Schaub enough for his guidance and wisdom.

Amy Sagerson, Seattle, USA

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