How To Become A Source Of Peace For Yourself And The World


"We need world peace more than ever, right now."| Dr Friedemann

Peace has been a journey for me personally and in my work for quite a long time. But I feel that this is the moment where we need world peace more than ever in my lifetime. 

There is so much divisiveness in the world, with people having stronger, more righteous opinions expressing themselves at times, even with aggression and anger. 

Although peace is the foundation of our lives in many ways, we need to don't spend a lot of time focusing on it until we are in crisis. Similar to our health. We often also don't pay much attention to it until we are sick, and then suddenly we realize, well, "hey, I need to better take care of myself". 

The problem is that we don't necessarily know how to define peace - and how to obtain it. Many of us see peace as the moment everything is in control, where we are safe and happy. 

But if we wait for our outer circumstances to be perfect to be at peace, we most likely will be waiting forever.


When was the last time everything in your life was perfect - for more than just 24 hours? If you are anything like me, I would guess the answer to that would be a resounding 'never'.

Rather than waiting for peace to come to us - we need to become the source of peace ourselves by choosing to be at peace no matter the circumstances.

This requires an understanding of how we keep ourselves from being at peace.

For instance…


We equate peace with being safe and in control.

We want too much - and enjoy too little.

We are more prone to find faults and complain.

We don't trust anybody and anything anymore.


We are ultimately never really in control of what happens around us, to the people in our lives or even us. We can only control ourselves.

I believe that peace and love are the most significant, most powerful forces in the world, and when we find them inside ourselves, we become the sources of peace needed for the world at large.

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