Why Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Scare You


"Anxiety is has become somewhat of a friend to me."| Dr Friedemann

Anxiety is the number one mental health issue that millions of people struggle with every day, including me. 


When it comes to anxiety, there are three options people often fall back to… 


Fighting the anxiety, getting frustrated or angry with it, and living in a constant battle.

Running away from the anxiety, using distraction and avoidance to keep it at bay. 

Giving in to the anxiety because the emotion feels too powerful and overwhelming. 

None of those options help us heal and overcome anxiety. Instead, anxiety becomes our primary focus, a daily battle that drains our energy and makes our world smaller and smaller. 

It wasn't until I learned to see my anxiety as a friend and no longer a demon that could attack me at any time did things change for the better.


So what if you could change your mind about your anxiety? 


It is easy to take our anxiety too personally by letting it become our reality or identity. Like a galactic black hole, anxiety can seem to swallow all our powers and aspirations, leaving us feeling small and helpless. However, anxiety neither demands our power nor aims to shrink us into insignificance. The key to making peace with anxiety is to avoid getting caught in its emotional charge and to decipher the valuable information it has to convey. 


What if you could embrace anxiety as a friend, an inner navigator, or at least part of you that you want to pay attention to and be curious about?

If you struggle with anxiety listen in to my next episode of Get Real where I will be discussing:

  • Why you don't have to be afraid of anxiety
  • The most common anxiety misconceptions
  • How our subconscious scares us
  • How to identify what your anxiety is trying to tell you
  • How to shift from anxiety to self-empowerment 

One thing is for sure; you will discover more about yourself by embracing anxiety rather than fighting it.