Inner Blocks; How Your Mind Is Holding You Back from Losing Weight


Do you struggle with losing weight?

Have you tried everything?

Done the programs, got a personal trainer or maybe even hired a nutritionist?

You have disciplined yourself and tried your best to follow through, yet the weight is holding on.

…all because somehow you find yourself back at the freezer, sneaking in some ice cream, having your cookie jar in your lap at night when nobody's watching or going to the drive-thru after work for a snack that calorie-wise could just be a meal.

Why do we do that? 


I believe the problem with losing weight is not so much to do with forcing ourselves to do the right thing.

…and it's not all about the food intake or the quality of the nutrition and how many calories we are burning.

Although these are all essential parts to losing weight, I believe we often overlook one aspect. One that may be even more powerful than all of the struggles mentioned above.

…and it starts above your neck, in your head, mind, brain, whatever you want to call it.

Logically, it makes total sense to lose weight, but there's an inner block holding you back and this is what I want to talk about on this week's podcast episode.

Join me Thursday, Jan 20 | 9am PT/ 12pm ET to hear me discuss the most common inner blocks we face, what our mind is doing to hold us back from losing weight and what we can do to correct it.