Effective Ways to Relaunch Your Life After Setback


"Setbacks can lead to new beginnings if you know where to look and how to reframe your perspective". Hilary DeCesare


Wouldn't it be nice if life would always go our way? If we could have what we want - predict what will happen - and always feel happy and safe? 

Unfortunately, this is not the case - life is full of uncertainties, surprises, and even major setbacks. 

What do we do when things are not working out?  When aspects of our lives seem to fall apart - relationships, work, health, do we roll over and give up? Or do we find a way to reboot?

The idea of rebooting may cause feelings of overwhelm and leave us wondering; do we really have what it takes to begin anew?

Today I am here to tell you the answer is YES! We do have what it takes.

We are more than capable and fully prepared because whatever happened in our past has prepared us for what comes next.



Now I am not going to lie. There may be a bit of a learning curve when taking on new tools and gaining some additional insights to make the reboot easier. However, it is not an impossible task out of our grasp.

If you feel overwhelmed and anxious about rebooting aspects of your life, join me today for this week's episode of Get Real where my guest Hilary DeCesare and I talk about making a relaunch easier and more enjoyable.