Declutter Your Subconscious Mind


When was the last time you emptied your mind - or simply exhaled?

There is a simple rule of life - whatever we take in, must somehow find its way out. This just doesn't seem to apply for our minds, or at least so we think.

The truth is we are constantly using our mind and filling it up with some form of stimulation. Even at the end of a busy day, cable TV and the Internet allow us to binge on information and entertainment.  

Similar to a computer, our mind has only limited storage, it needs to be de-cluttered once in a while and eventually freezes when it is made to run beyond its capacity.

…so how do we notice that it is getting "crowded" up there?

Typical signs of mind-clutter are lack of focus, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, insomnia to just mention a few.  

How can we work consciously with our subconscious mind - to declutter and simplify our thoughts?


Setting Boundaries …

External boundaries - not filling up our mind / distracting ourselves with all the information that adds to clutter. If our garbage can is full adding something to it won't empty it 

Internal boundaries - deciding that we are not thinking about what upsets us or stresses us out right now and holding to that decision of not going there - 

Instead lean more towards focusing our mind on what brings us peace with intentional focus such as…

Getting out in nature
Deep breathing practices

Activities like these help to remove the constant flow of incoming unnecessary clutter and instead returns us to our calm center.


Holding on is a habit so we need instead to release a habit and train our subconscious mind to let go by noticing it in the smallest ways; when we sneeze, when we exhale, or drop something out of our hand. Notice how we feel when we do those things and then take that feeling into the other corners of our mind.

For more on this topic and tips for decluttering your mind check out my latest episode on Thursday Jan 13th on Get Real.