Healing the Wounded Inner Child with the Chiron Effect


Do you ever feel stuck in self-limiting and at times even self destructive patterns, that no matter how much you try, you just continue to bang your head against the wall because they are not changing?

Patterns of;

Avoidance because you're afraid of getting judged or being criticized.

Overachiever; where you always strive to reach higher and higher goals but never really feeling a sense of self worth, or simply being good enough.

Fear of intimacy and deeper connections that don't allow you to open up to others.

Have you ever wondered where those patterns come from?

The reasoning for these patterns otherwise known as  our "core wounding" may be found and understood through the Chiron placement.

… but what does that mean?

The Chiron effect is a term my guest Lisa Tahir developed that describes our connection to the patterns of the deepest wounds of our past. These patterns are what we have been accustomed to living with and for this reason the pain they cause has become normal to our everyday life and choices we make.

The Chiron effect creates an opportunity for us to get clear on and understand what it is that keeps us going back to those painful moments often found in our childhood. 


Addressing the wounds of loss, disappointment, sadness, and rejection requires that we look into the face of pain in order to heal. The Chiron Effect helps to facilitate our healing by bringing an awareness to our self-defeating practices, patterns and behaviours.

Learn more about the "Chiron Effect" in this week's release with my guest and author Lisa Tahir on Get Real on Thursday Jan 20 | 9am PT/12pm ET.