Are You Overthinking Your Relationship?


Do you believe that your anxiety holds you back from having healthy romantic relationships?

You may have told yourself that you are flawed and broken and that, therefore, nobody wants to date you, let alone be with you. Or that you won’t measure up and aren’t worthy of true love and have to settle for anyone willing to accept you.

Like so many people I work with, you, too, may struggle not to identify yourself with an anxiety disorder or OCD, believing these emotional challenges define who you are.

The truth is that a diagnosis does not define you but is the starting point for your healing journey.


Of course, there is often a level of uncertainty that comes with being in a relationship and sometimes, the thoughts or concerns we have can trigger anxiety and insecurity.

This inner struggle can have us going back and forth between…

being alone – then wanting to be in a relationship, and back to thinking…

‘this isn’t right and maybe I am going to get hurt, so it’s better to get out –

…leaving us, in the end, wretched and often alone.

My guest on my new podcast “Empowerment Solutions” is best-selling author Allison Raskin, who has successfully overcome her belief that because of her anxiety and OCD she couldn’t have a healthy relationship.

In her new book, “Overthinking About You: Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD and/or Depression”, she provides tips and tools that she had learned from relationship experts that helped her to feel confident and at ease with dating, break-ups and building a solid relationship with her partner.