Living a Heart Centered Life: Opening Your Heart Chakra

Posted on October 13, 2021
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The great sages for millennia have taught that the answers to healing, growth and living a happy and fulfilled life are inside each and every one of us.

… but where exactly are they and how do we access them?

My guest and transformational healer Jonathan Goldman can answer those questions for you; with his mapping of the multi-layered Human Energy Vehicle (or HEV). With this mapping he has created a form of healing that goes beyond and enhances  psychotherapy, allopathic medicine, and alternative healing modalities.

Jonathan Goldman Blog excerpt: 

What is the Human Energy Vehicle?

So although the felt vibration I'm attempting to describe exists in every plant, creature, planet, and star, for the present purpose of empowering you to become the master of your fear rather than its bitch, what exists, and the place I want to guide you to, is inside your own little universe. What you are inhabiting, your temporary home away from your spiritual, eternal home, is what I call your Human Energy Vehicle (HEV). I don't call it only your body, because in fact is your vehicle is way more than just your physical body.  It includes what some call the aura or the etheric double. Your HEV is a dynamic, constantly moving sea of energy- thoughts, emotions, spiritual, chemical, energetic forces (all of which are also just nuances of energy)- all contained in a defined space of harmonized activity. Within an expanding and contracting series of interlocking and interacting energetic layers, that I call the bodies of your HEV, are centers of condensed energy that have been named chakras by the ancient Indian seers. These non-physical, pulsating centers that enliven the layers of your HEV are not fantasy, imaginary, or some new age cartoon. Just because we have narrowed our collective vision through the imposition of the blinders of modern materialism, does not mean that what is outside our prejudiced view doesn't exist. As one of my teachers told me, "It's a good thing that reality doesn't depend on your opinion."

You can learn, like I did, to perceive your HEV and that of other people. It takes training, but it's actually easier than it sounds. Along with the qualities and energies I'm describing here, you have the faculties that can perceive them ready to be activated or activated more than they are now.

Every feeling, quality, opinion, belief, potential, and challenge that you possess, manifest, repress, and face in this life has its assigned and knowable place in your vehicle.  What makes you, you, in this present life you are living, is an exquisite collection of discretely located, brilliantly orchestrated energetic balls of yarn, held in place by a vibrating core of conjoined energies from the earth and the cosmos that is in front of your spine. That core organizes, focuses, and emanates the universal life force that makes everything that lives in all creation be by definition alive.  Your vehicle will be thus sustained for as long as your time on earth persists. When you are done here and the time comes for your essential self to return home, that life force will dissipate and those energy balls will unravel, the threads offered back to feed the cosmic stream from which they were drawn for your benefit.

Each of those qualities- which are the particular customizing options of your generic vehicle- have a pre-assigned location where they live and from which they vibrate their individual influences into your vehicle, collectively creating you in this life and your particular life plan. Everything you think, feel, and do is motivated by the pulsation of a quality that lives somewhere in your vehicle. That doesn't make you a puppet. What it does is raise the question of who you really are underneath the temporary collection of thoughts, feelings, strengths, weakness, challenges, and accomplishments. That's a conversation for another day.

You have your particular just-you qualities that make you the unique individual expression of humanness that you are. And you, and all of us, also have embedded in your vehicle the universal forces that we are taking back from religions and spiritual paths and leaders and amazingly finding waiting for us right in front of our hearts, where they've been the whole time.  


The step-by-step process of becoming an aware, internally free person, involves, in part, learning, from the inside, through the extraordinary gift of aware consciousness, where those qualities live in you. Gaining eventual command (which is qualitatively different than control) involves cultivating the power of focusing that consciousness through breathing and meditation and applied choice. By learning to recognize the vibrational nuance of the different chakras and layers of your vehicle, and then most particularly becoming familiar with and falling in love with the vibration of your heart, you and I become collaborators in our own spiritual evolution. We are no longer "waiting on the Lord". We are working as part of a team with the divine forces in the realization of our internal life program.

I'm offering you what I hope is a grounded, non-religious translation of what the sages and teachers have meant by telling us for millennia that "It's all inside you".

It can be done. It takes practice to see what is in you beyond the scope of your mind. But since we are simply discovering what has been there in us all along, the process of inner awakening is akin to opening a drawer and looking inside to see what's there.  Probably you're going to find some crusty old stinky socks that you crammed into a corner years or lifetimes ago. They need to be aired out and washed clean. What you are also without a doubt going to find is the buried answers to your prayers. Where'd I leave that perfect version of me? Oh, look, here it is!

This Human Energy Vehicle is the greatest, most miraculous gift in the universe. And most of us treat it like a stolen jalopy."

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