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Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself and I’ll be forever grateful

​A friend referred me to Dr. Friedmann at a time when frankly, I was not in a good place. I’d been to therapy before, and it was okay, but I never really felt I resolved anything. My experience with Dr. Friedemann however, was just on a whole other level. From the very first session, I felt a shift happen. And now, today…I am no longer stuck in the same patterns I had been for years. Dr. Friedmann has helped me, supported me, and, more importantly, he has given me the tools to help myself. I am no longer repeating the same self-defeating patterns but have established new healthy ones.
Today, I am in a completely different place. I am not the person I was. I am me, finally! Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself, and I’ll be forever grateful.

James M.T. Marshall, UK

I know I said it isn't magic, but it seems like magic to me [. . .]

Dr. Friedemann changed my life, but what he really did was bring me back to life and give me hope.

Mark, Missouri

Doing deep inner work, and opening your heart to become your most authentic self is never easy, especially if there are years and years of rejection, pain and performance to uncover. Mark gave himself fully into the process, and through it, found the space and self-compassion to heal and express himself fully in the world.

Watch his breakthrough journey with the Accelerated Breakthrough Program.


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I thank you so much for all your precious energy, guidance, compassion and care

Dr. Friedmann, I thank you so much for all your precious energy, guidance, compassion and care for me. I never had someone be in tune with me and help me see and understand who I am and who I am meant to be. I could have never realized without your help, that the past is a story, which is meant to be read and understood, but not to remain stuck in. I am a new, strong person who takes her power back every time anyone tries to take it. You helped me to have my life forever back.

Ingrid Aponte, Illinois

I was able to break through many subconscious issues

For someone like me who has already done much work around self discovery, work with Friedemann was just the ticket. I was able to break through many subconscious issues that were still leaving me stuck. I feel freer and happier than I have ever felt in my life.

Deborah B

Prior to working with Dr. Friedemann nothing seemed to help me to overcome these challenges

I was dealing with depression, anxiety and insomnia, and prior to working with Dr. Friedemann nothing seemed to help me to overcome these challenges. Through our work together, I was able to authentically learn and truly understand the deeper root causes of my challenges and how my past, even prior to birth, had impacted my life emotionally and psychologically. I was able to let go of unwarranted guilt, anxiety and anger and feel now that I have a much stronger foundation of inner peace and confidence – and I have the tools, which will continue to support me through-out my life’s journey. Thank you Dr. Friedemann.

Alicia L

Getting to know and love my younger self has changed my life forever

I lived much of life keeping anxiety at bay, but when an accident occurred in my mid-thirties it triggered a level of stress that I had never known before. For over a year, I struggled to enjoy the little things in life, and then I came across the work of Dr. Friedemann Schaub. Through our sessions, the homework and listening to his calm meditations, my experience in daily life began to change. I began to laugh, have more energy and stay calm in the face of adversity. I have had therapy before, but the work we did together was different. It was more thorough, and got me thinking about tough questions that ultimately led to my emotional freedom. Getting to know and love my younger self has changed my life forever. While it has been absolutely incredible to enjoy friendships and be motivated to innovate at work again, what I am most grateful for is my new relationship with myself. Before my work with Dr. Friedemann I was exhausted from being at war with difficult emotions. I am forever grateful to Dr. Friedemann for sharing so much wisdom with me, and having so much patience as I changed over the course of our sessions. My new mindset has put me on a new and wonderful path. My life is richer and more authentic than I ever realized it could be. Thank you, Dr. Friedemann!

Jennifer Welter

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is going through psychological or physical trauma and unresolved issues to see Dr. Schaub

When I was told that the contracts would not be renewed for the agency where I worked, at first I was numb. Within a couple of weeks – after I had done all the work that needed to be done to close the entire program, I became ill. I had an extraordinary amount of pain all over my body. I was losing my voice. I was extremely fatigued. I became nonchalant about my relationship with my husband, actually ignoring him. I was seriously concerned that I did not have the energy to work a full time job. A friend recommended I go see Dr. Friedemann Schaub. After only 2 sessions, there was a vast improvement in my energy and my pain. After 4 sessions, I was a new person. My voice is back and I have more energy and less pain than I have had for years. I no longer feel like an old person and my relationship with my husband has greatly improved. I have a completely different attitude toward the world and myself. I know that most of the time the right answer for me is within myself and I just need to listen and get in touch with myself. I understand much more about how the mind and body are linked to make up the person we are. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is going through psychological or physical trauma and unresolved issues to see Dr. Schaub.

Darlene F

I was able to utilize the mind/body [to] keep the hives from coming back

I suffered from severe hives, especially on my face, for 5 years. It was so bad I could not even leave the house. When Western Medicine offered no solution I tried many alternative approaches. I was put on an extremely restricted diet which really impacted my quality of life. It was not until I worked with Dr. Schaub that I was able to utilize the mind/body connection that would keep the hives from coming back over and over again. I am so thankful for the freedom this work has brought back into my life. I am now eating pretty much everything I want and live without the concerns of breaking-out into hives again. I believe that through the power of the mind, we can heal many physical ailments. Working with Schaub was integral to this achievement for me.

Amy S

I was able release unconscious emotions and old core beliefs

Thank you Dr. Schaub for this amazing journey. I knew that struggles are also an opportunity to grow and this time, Dr. Schaub showed me that it was time to own my past and recognize the true gifts, which I had expressed during dark times. From the first session on, I was impressed and excited to discover how I was able release unconscious emotions and old core beliefs. Friedemann is a compassionate, generous and brilliant professional. He cares, supports and empowers you in a gentle, attentive, firm, and powerful presence. Don’t hesitate to work with him if you are struggling – he will help you to become unstuck and find your true potential.

Odile Monroy, Spain

I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason

When I first had my panic attack, I thought it was an isolated issue and soon was able to forget about it. The second time, I had a full blown panic attack/anxiety, again I was able to take medications and soon was off the medications and the signs and symptoms disappeared. But this last onset of the anxiety threw me for a loop. I did not know what was happening and why I was so fearful to the point of not being able to move. The rest which you are aware of.

When I was searching what to do and who can I contact to help me, I found your name on the internet. For whatever reason, I was drawn to you again and again. I first purchased your book/CD, then I finally contacted you and here I am several years later.

When I sought your help, I was in a deep and dark place experiencing depression with severe immobilizing fear and anxiety, which I had never felt.  As we continue to work together, I can now say with confidence that I am almost free from anxiety. Just the difference from last year to this year, I am a different person. You have helped me realize who I am and what I am capable of. I never knew that, with what had happened to me as a child and how I learned to think and believe would have a significant impact in my life to the point of total fear. I did not realize that I was thinking so negatively.

What you have taught me is that I am unconditionally loved and supported by the higher power and all the people around me such as my family. I always have had faith in the higher power, but did not totally believe that I have always been supported from moment to moment. I also learned that I am a good and strong person capable of taking care of myself and others in any situation.

I have now changed the way I observe my thoughts or situation and have made a significant progress in reducing the negative self-talk. I learned to respect and treat myself with compassion and care and not allow others to treat me any different. (WOW! I can speak up for myself, which is huge). I am no longer giving my power away and allow others to make me feel small. (Work in progress) I feel more confident about the future and continue to work to eliminate the occasional anxiety that I feel (i.e. Flying/sleep issues) and, now have noted that when I am working with clients at the hospital who have attempted suicide I feel more anxious. I do not know why this is a trigger and would like to explore further to resolve any subconscious reasons.

Dr. Friedemann, you have been a blessing for me, you have supported me in a professional, yet compassionate way without judgement through my journey. I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason. I always keep you in my prayers and feel that I am so blessed in having known you not just you as a practitioner, but as a person. I feel that I have made a friend from across the globe and hopefully can one day meet you in person to say THANK YOU.

Shelina Shamji, Canada

I couldn’t believe how far I had come

I have struggled with anxiety my entire adult life, and at 49 I felt like it was something that would always be a part of me and always need managing.  At the time that I began working with Dr. Schaub I was surviving each day, but not enjoying my life.  My mind was constantly filled with feelings of dread, and negative thoughts about myself, I was truly stuck!  I had only 8 sessions with Dr. Schaub and I can’t believe how much my life has changed.

During my last session he read back to me the list of issues that I felt I needed to work on, a list that I had created before our first session, and I couldn’t believe how far I had come.  Many of the issues that weighed so heavily on me a few months before, I had entirely forgotten about.  Many I realized we had never discussed in our sessions, but they had resolved on their own due to our work together to reprogram my thinking on a cellular level. I’ve been to therapists in the past in an effort to resolve my issues with anxiety, but even after years of sessions, never felt that I made much progress.  Dr. Schaub’s methods are different from anything I’ve ever tried, but they make so much sense and more importantly, they work!  I can never thank Dr. Schaub enough for his guidance and wisdom.

Amy Sagerson, Washington

You won’t feel alone once you start consulting Dr. Schaub

The trouble with us humans is that we seriously start to seek help only when we are pushed against the wall. In the same desperate moment, my intense search led me to a short YouTube video of Dr. Schaub. I knew immediately the subject matter he was talking about. I wasted no time in setting up my free assessment call. I am still amazed how quickly through Dr. Schaub’s support I was able to recover from almost losing myself in anxiety to now feeling confident and at peace. All those worries, anxiety & fear is gone like they were never once part of my life. You won’t feel alone once you start consulting Dr. Schaub; care is embedded in his coaching style. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, negative thoughts, fear & anxiety ask him for your free assessment call, now. This investment is the best gift to yourself.

Zahir Sha, Philippines



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