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Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself and I’ll be forever grateful

​A friend referred me to Dr. Friedmann at a time when frankly, I was not in a good place. I’d been to therapy before, and it was okay, but I never really felt I resolved anything. My experience with Dr. Friedemann however, was just on a whole other level. From the very first session, I felt a shift happen. And now, today…I am no longer stuck in the same patterns I had been for years. Dr. Friedmann has helped me, supported me, and, more importantly, he has given me the tools to help myself. I am no longer repeating the same self-defeating patterns but have established new healthy ones.
Today, I am in a completely different place. I am not the person I was. I am me, finally! Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself, and I’ll be forever grateful.

James M.T. Marshall, UK

I know I said it isn't magic, but it seems like magic to me [. . .]

Dr. Friedemann changed my life, but what he really did was bring me back to life and give me hope.

Mark, Missouri

Doing deep inner work, and opening your heart to become your most authentic self is never easy, especially if there are years and years of rejection, pain and performance to uncover. Mark gave himself fully into the process, and through it, found the space and self-compassion to heal and express himself fully in the world.

Watch his breakthrough journey with the Accelerated Breakthrough Program.


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His approach helped me remove old emotional blocks that were holding me back for many years

It is amazing how much better I feel about myself and my future after working with Friedemann. His approach helped me remove old emotional blocks that were holding me back for many years. I feel confident and fully accept myself now! Thank you for this life changing experience!

Anastasia M

The changes that have taken place are—on any objective scale—astonishing…miraculous

For quite a few years, I had been stuck—mired, in both my personal and professional life. Recognition as an artist, progress in relationships, new opportunities—everything seemed to be withheld. In despair, I finally confided in my MD (a trusted friend), who steered me to Dr. Friedemann Schaub. I’ve been working with Friedemann for the past seven months, and the changes that have taken place are—on any objective scale—astonishing…miraculous. Major relationships have been healed, the ripples of which are still spreading through my family. New opportunities have blossomed, and I suddenly find myself poised to enter the big leagues as an artist (something I’d been vainly striving to do for years). Things are FLOWING.

There’s no particular mystery to all this: When you clean up the big stuff in your life…then harness your mind and spirit…you will move in the direction you’re trying to go. It’s just that I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Friedemann. He is a unique and gifted healer, with enormous insight and boundless compassion. I recommend him to you fervently. He guided me back into life.

Bill W

The negative thoughts and behaviors have been released!

I started seeing Dr. Schaub for emotional and physical problems due to anxiety, worry, fear, and poor self esteem. I couldn’t sleep, my hair was falling out, and I felt depressed and overwhelmed. With his support and guidance, I’ve made remarkable progress in my overall health and well being. The negative thoughts and behaviors have been released! I feel strong, balanced, and in control of my life. Thank you Dr. Schaub.

Brenda T

Working with [you] has helped me to clear away fears and insecurities that have kept me from being me

I called you all the way from New Zealand. Working with your personal break-through program and the journey to Egypt has helped me to clear away fears and insecurities that have kept me from being me for a long time. I have done plenty of different programs and they have all helped but this felt like the icing on the cake. I am now more a friend to myself than ever before, comfortable in my own body and clear about what I am here to do. I also have available a stronger spiritual connection, especially after the Egypt trip. Most of all, you have continually reminded me to be kind and easy on myself. I will be eternally grateful to you and Danielle and the angel that guided me to find you all the way around the world.

Ann Burns, New Zealand

I never expected to fully regain my ability, but I have

I went to see Friedemann Schaub to work on my PTSD symptoms that prevented me from driving on freeways or flying on planes. Before the PTSD I had flown and traveled throughout Africa and South America alone and now for the past 11 years I was not able to fly. There was a trip I wanted to take and I was looking for help. I had tried other forms of therapy before including EMDR and none of them made an impact on this condition. I was skeptical at first, but Friedemann won my trust quickly and his process was very powerful. I am happy to say that I have now drive on freeways and on bridges in backed up traffic with no concern. In addition I have taken two plane trips and am planning more for later in the year. I am free again. For me it is like the lame walking and the blind seeing— I never expected to fully regain my ability, but I have and am very grateful. I highly recommend working with Friedemann.

Patty D

I’m moved to the point of tears with gratitude

Hello Friedemann; I have been amazing myself all morning–dancing to my favorite music with such enthusiasm and pure joy! I know now what it means to be FREE and to feel free in my own body and I’m moved to the point of tears with gratitude to myself for doing the work I needed to release my emotions and limiting beliefs to get to this point. You were so right when I first saw you and you said that I would one day look back on the cancer as a blessing. It has been the catalyst to change my life and I so want to thank you for your guidance. Your work is exceptional and so are you. Again, thank you so much.

Lauri J

My wife has noticed [my positive changes] big time

Thank you, Friedemann. Your counsel and insight have helped me overcome hurdles and frustrations that have plagued me for years. Despite knowing what to do, I somehow couldn’t quite put those ideas into practice; at least not as much as I wanted. Although in reality I’m enormously blessed, I found myself with an almost continuous negative outlook, berating myself in my own mind and allowing my perfectionistic tendencies to make me miserable. Your encouraging support helped me see the reality about myself more clearly and take concrete actions that have improved the quality of my life. At the same time, you gently but firmly helped me recognize my accountability for my own experience. The practical tools you provided helped me finally “get it” – that I have the power to determine my experience of whatever life events may happen. I am experiencing much more happiness and peace as a result of our work together. And, as added frosting on the cake, my wife has noticed it big time. She sends thanks to you as well. Our best wishes for much success.

Douglas T

I have released chronic physical pain as well as old emotions and patterns

Working with Friedemann has changed my life in ways I could not imagine. I have actively worked on healing myself for most of my adult life and have been blessed to work with many gifted practitioners. Working with Friedemann has truly been life altering and lasting. Through the breakthrough sessions, homework and Friedemann’s intuitive sense, I was able to gain insights about my self value, self-talk and old patterns of being in the world. Consequently, I have released chronic physical pain as well as old emotions and patterns that burdened me for a long time. I am now embracing the authentic me! I am very grateful for the amazing and wonderful process Friedemann is offering, and for his continued guidance and dedication to my growth, well-being and success! Thank you.

Cate B

It took only 6 sessions for me to now feel grounded, light, cared for and loved by me

I was struggling with fibromyalgia and fatigue and depression for many years. My physician suggested to work with Dr. Schaub and Cellular Wisdom. I am so grateful for this suggestion. Dr. Schaub is an incredible practitioner, and has helped me on a level deeper than I ever dreamed of. I was enveloped in a tightly wound cocoon. With Dr. Schaub’s support and guidance, I revisited the creation of this cocoon, when I was quite young. That was only the beginning. It took only 6 sessions for me to now feel grounded, light, cared for and loved by me. After decades of working on myself with many practitioners, I am finally not “in therapy” anymore, which is refreshing and exciting to realize. Now I am able to do Yoga, take drawing classes, meditate and enjoy my 88 year old mother. I have my life back.

Magaret N

My professional life has changed completely

Thank you so so much! A year ago I kept saying that I needed to turn this “ship” around! The ship was my family, my health, my professional life. Everything was going in the wrong direction. I felt overwhelmed by how much I was failing. I’m so glad I found your work and went for it, because now when I look around me everything is wonderful! The family issues are behind us. We have all developed excellent relationships. My professional life has changed completely and is thrilling. My health is great and getting even better. I’m profoundly grateful to you, your work and to myself for dedicating myself to it.

Meta M



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