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"Everyone at one point in their life can get lost

in life because of others or themselves. When I felt lost, I didn't know if anyone could help me or that I could even help myself.

Working with Dr. Schaub helped me to not only overcome the challenges of the past and present, but also to learn and grow from them and rebuild myself. After just a few sessions, I was able to break away from the constraints that tied me down and felt myself again. Dr. Schaub provided me with insights and tools that taught me how to recognize and utilize all my unique qualities and move forward with confidence and trust in myself. I am so grateful for him and for myself."

-- Fiona Baqai, Washington

"At 41, Dr. Schaub helped me to finally grow up.

He took me back to the one day in my life that was holding me back, the one that had stunted my growth emotionally. He enabled me to see that day through the perspective of an adult, and therefore understand it logically, and not with the mind of an 8-year-old boy. When he did, I felt a physical release in my chest. I believe with it, I released the confused thoughts and pain of that 8 year old boy, allowing me to finally see life through the eyes of an unencumbered, clear-thinking adult. With my new perspective, each day feels like a gift, waiting to be unwrapped and discovered.

The other thing that I’ve noticed about my work with Dr. Schaub is this: my transformation has continued, of its own accord, even after completing my time with him. I feel each day that I am stronger, that I am more well, that I am closer to the essence of who I am. I feel that this will continue the rest of my days, until I ultimately return back to the place from which I came. I am excited by every step I take along the way."

~ Joe Bousquin, California

"I have struggled with depression for more than ten years now.

I have been under medication several times, and with several different types of medicine. Nothing have seemed to work until I heard from Dr. Schaub and his Cellular Wisdom. I have learnt how to deal with the good and bad things in life with much greater balance and confidence. I feel I can overcome anything life has to offer, because Dr. Schaub taught me valuable tools of how to work with my subconscious in a positive way. I trust in me now, and believe God is looking after me all the time. I have finally learnt to love the person I am, and understand that every detail of who I am is valuable and important."

~ Connie Beauchat, Washington

"From the moment I began my work with Dr. Schaub, his warmth,

acceptance, and genuine care for me and my self/emotional growth and awareness were evident. His compassion, acceptance, professionalism, and expertise as an individual always put me at immediate ease. The work we completed together was profound and transformational for me. I was dealing with depression, anxiety and insomnia and prior to working with Dr. Schaub, nothing seemed to help me to overcome these challenges.
Through our work together I was able to authentically learn and truly understand the deeper root causes of my challenges and how my past, even prior to birth, had impacted my life emotionally and psychologically. I was able to let go of unwarranted guilt, anxiety and anger and become my own good parent… to the little self inside of me, who never felt safe, loved or cared for. I feel now that I have a much stronger foundation of inner peace and confidence – and I have the tools, which will continue to support me through-out my life’s journey. Thank you Dr. Schaub."

~ Alicia Loewen, Washington


"I know I said it isn't magic, but it seems like magic to me [. . .] Dr. Friedemann changed my life, but what he really did was bring me back to life and give me hope."

--Mark, Missouri

Doing deep inner work, and opening your heart to become your most authentic self is never easy, especially if there are years and years of rejection, pain and performance to uncover. Mark gave himself fully into the process, and through it, found the space and self-compassion to heal and express himself fully in the world.

Watch his breakthrough journey with the Accelerated Breakthrough Program.

Listen to some client stories


"I came across Dr Schaub’s book, The Fear and Anxiety Solution,

after I listened to a show he was interviewed on, and it came at a point in my life where I was really getting to rock bottom personally and professionally. I decided to listen to the book over a weekend (which was a lot to take in but shot me forward at the same time) and I decided at that point to contact him directly.
We had 6 sessions in total and I can honestly say that I am now more self-assured and balanced as a result of following his techniques during and between the sessions. He is supportive and challenging – a great combination as we need to ask ourselves difficult questions which feel uncomfortable but are necessary for growth and he facilitates this process.
Since our sessions my key relationships, including my marriage, are back on track, I feel considerably less anxiety and I have started a new business. But most importantly of all, I am enjoying life again – especially time with my young son."

“Anxiety is a very isolating and challenging condition. It narrowed my world and my experiences so much that day to day life became a struggle for me. I cannot thank Dr. Friedemann Schaub enough for opening up my mind and my heart to see that there’s so much more than the way I was living. I was going through life with blinders on and was so consumed with my thoughts, expectations and worries. Dr. Schaub helped me break those patterns and helped me learn that I could be someone capable, strong and caring without my anxiety.
Life can be so much more if you commit to tackling your fears. If you are struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact him! He will change your life.”

- Zoe Olsberg, UK

"I started work with Dr. Schaub to try to find answers to questions.

Everyone has questions, but some are looking for answers more intensely or with greater fervor than others. As a young man, there's a lot I still need to experience and learn, so it's always best to get advice, wisdom, assistance from someone smarter, and, best of all, willing to help.

I am very spiritually minded. I believe ideas and thoughts about ourselves lead to habits and behaviors that might not always be productive. I thought if you changed the thoughts you changed the behavior. Life isn't nearly as simple as this of course. Sometimes you can imagine what's best for you, but you can't seem to grasp it or integrate it. You might have knowledge, but lack understanding. You might be in a relationship with the "woman of your dreams", but unless you truly connect with her, it means nothing.

This is the type of empowerment I learned from Dr. Schaub. You can't just have lots of facts and catchy slogans to create a solution to problems, and you can't just hear an explanation, you need to have it become a part of you. This isn't just an intellectual experience; it's also a bodily one. Learning from Dr. Schaub made me feel the wisdom, and not just hear it.

This is because of Dr. Schaub himself. His very attitude makes you feel like you have a lot to learn (not in a condescending way, but rather as an example of what is possible). This was a great gift, and I felt like his encouragement, instructions, and humor was truly a part of him, and therefore always had a genuine touch. His very presence inspires healing, not to mention his insights and willingness to listen.

This was exactly what I needed. I learned that life isn't about a final answer that quenches all future questions, but that strengthens you and makes you braver to learn more. With this in mind, my sessions with Dr. Schaub still aren't done. What I learned could be enough to resonate with me for a lifetime, and the road ahead looks bright. Thank you, Dr Schaub!"

- Samuel Corea, Norway

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