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Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself and I’ll be forever grateful

​A friend referred me to Dr. Friedmann at a time when frankly, I was not in a good place. I’d been to therapy before, and it was okay, but I never really felt I resolved anything. My experience with Dr. Friedemann however, was just on a whole other level. From the very first session, I felt a shift happen. And now, today…I am no longer stuck in the same patterns I had been for years. Dr. Friedmann has helped me, supported me, and, more importantly, he has given me the tools to help myself. I am no longer repeating the same self-defeating patterns but have established new healthy ones.
Today, I am in a completely different place. I am not the person I was. I am me, finally! Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself, and I’ll be forever grateful.

James M.T. Marshall, UK

I know I said it isn't magic, but it seems like magic to me [. . .]

Dr. Friedemann changed my life, but what he really did was bring me back to life and give me hope.

Mark, Missouri

Doing deep inner work, and opening your heart to become your most authentic self is never easy, especially if there are years and years of rejection, pain and performance to uncover. Mark gave himself fully into the process, and through it, found the space and self-compassion to heal and express himself fully in the world.

Watch his breakthrough journey with the Accelerated Breakthrough Program.


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This work helped bring out the part of me that I like best

It is amazing how much better I feel about everything! Friedemann reminded me of things that I think I always knew, but never wanted to acknowledge or put into words (let alone action). I am a much more balanced, grounded, happy and confident person. This work helped bring out the part of me that I like best — and gave me the tools to help keep that part around much more often. I will forever be thankful to Friedemann for his wisdom and his support.

Margit A

It is so much easier to just be who I am

I asked my husband what he sees as the biggest change since working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub. His response was quick and easy: “You are back in control of your life, it isn’t controlling you.” This is close to true. It was actually in letting go of my need to control that things came back into perspective.

After a series of unfortunate events (job loss, marriage problems, family problems, health problems) I was finally forced to admit that I needed to change. I just had my first daughter and saw what an innocent, loving soul she is, and realized in that moment that at some point I too was that loveable. What could happen in my daughter’s life that would no longer make her deserving of my love? NOTHING.  There was a glimmer of recognition in that moment that I too must still be loveable.

The outside of me looks much different since beginning my work with Dr. Friedemann Schaub. I have lost 50 lbs. I smile more. I can wear grey tops now because I no longer sweat at every social interaction. At first, people asked if something was wrong. I no longer felt the need to be the entertainer during parties and have remembered how to just be myself. Then a funny thing happened. The more quiet I was, the more people were drawn to me. People don’t have to ask if everything is OK anymore. They are getting used to what they see as the new me, and who I see as the old me. I am able to be honest and not always give a canned answer. I can speak the truth. My friendships have become richer and more plentiful. My family dynamic has taken a turn for the better. Being my genuine self is much easier and less draining than being whom I thought I was supposed to be. It is so much easier to just be who I actually am.

My hopes in working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub were to be able to function through my depression and anxiety. I wanted to stop having piles of mail just shoved into paper bags and thrown in the back room when guests were coming. I wanted to be able to get out of bed in the morning and face life without needing to schedule something to ensure that I would shower that day. I wanted to care about eating before I became so hungry I was cranky. I wanted to have a voice mailbox that was not full. I wanted to not be afraid to answer the phone when I didn’t recognize the number.

I hadn’t even dreamed that I could actually not be depressed or anxious. I didn’t dare hope to actually love myself. These are the things I really wanted in the deepest recesses of my heart. I have them. My hopes were surpassed. My dreams are becoming reality. I used to feel alone in my sorrow and pain. There is not a moment in life that I feel alone anymore. I always have me. That is enough.

Once you know something you can’t un-know it. Sometimes we forget. But now I remember. I remember seeing the world through child’s eyes full of hope and wonder. I see the world this way again, but with added wisdom through my years of life experience. I remember feeling safe as a small child when I was visiting my grandparents. I feel safe now in my own home with my own family. The changes that others see only scratch the surface of the real changes. I am back to me.

I feel empowered in the decisions I make in my life. I do not “have control” as my husband would see it. I am empowered. Empowered enough to go ahead and let him realize I’m not actually in control and that is totally OK. My life is mine again and I am so grateful to have it back!

Hilary Franks, Oregon

[Dr. Schaub] has helped make me a more active participant in my own life

Friedemann helped me so much in many ways, especially in understanding that I am in charge of how I feel. I’ve been a passive person for most of my life, and working with you has helped make me a more active participant in running my own life. Friedemann does a fantastic job of synthesizing Eastern and Western approaches to consciousness and I have learned a lot from him about life. I am not sure I could have made it through the past months without the self-knowledge and focus I gained from working with Friedemann.


Steven G

I am the butterfly that has left behind her cocoon

Friedemann, thank you for the profound and life altering work, which worked so amazingly well over the phone. I have worked with many different healers and you have helped me move to a deeper level of my true Self in order to live more completely. With your work I have been able to shift lifetimes of barriers and illusions that have kept me stuck and stagnant. Now I am free and my body is in sync with my heart and soul. Thank you for being the master that you are and for creating such an amazing, sacred, and safe place for me to heal, grow, and transform. I am the butterfly that has left behind her cocoon because of our work together.

Annette Z

Dr. Schaub helped me find and appreciate the person I have always been

For most of my life I felt like I spent my time trying to please my family, customers, acquaintances, and clients, often with disregard for my own sense of self. Something always felt missing, like there was a bigger amount of happiness that I should be feeling out of life. Dr. Friedemann Schaub helped me find and appreciate the person I have always been. I found love for who I am and greater appreciation for each person who enters my life. I have found a place within me that feels centered, authentic, and whole. Thank you Friedemann for your wisdom, your direction, and most of all, for your compassion and friendship.

Don M

Dr. Friedemann’s guidance has brought me out of life-long depression

In my work with Dr Friedemann, I became aware of many life-long negative patterns that affected my self-perception. I had been conscious of some of these self-defeating patterns, but was astounded at how many and how deeply they can be rooted. I discovered parts of myself that I had submerged. The anxiety, fears, worries, and negative approach to life were telling me these parts needed love, acceptance, and upliftment. I’m a pediatrician and have no trouble being compassionate and treating children with unconditional love.

Dr. Friedemann’s techniques and guidance has brought me out of life-long depression. It has been such a joy to be able to unconditionally love myself. Recognizing, accepting, and developing alternative ways of dealing with fears, anxiety, and the underlying self has revolutionized my life. Being in touch with the joy and enjoyment of life makes being here on Earth infinitely better. And to remember to practice, practice, practice these principles and techniques helps keep me free of anxieties and fears that I had allowed to restrict my life.

S.A. Williams

I have learned to trust my body and my inner wisdom

My work with Dr. Friedemann has been an incredible experience. I have gained and learned so much.  I am now free of old patterns that used to work against me and have learned to create new, healthy ways to live and thrive. I no longer struggle but live fearlessly with passion. Most of all, I have learned to trust my body and my inner wisdom. That allowed to me to heal, even though other doctors told me it was impossible. I now know that everything is possible. Thank you, Dr. Friedemann,  for being there for me 100%, for your wisdom and knowledge, and for being my guide on my path to wholeness.



Mary Mactheis, Washington

[Dr. Schaub] gave me the tools to free myself from anxiety

My work with Friedemann has been remarkable and life changing. He gave me the tools to finally free myself from anxiety and fear of failure. I feel transformed in my thought process and perceptions of life. The work with him allowed me to accomplish a higher sense of empowerment, freedom, and lightness in life. What I find different from other counseling approaches is that Friedemann teaches how to use the tools on your own and coaches you to continue using them to reach your goals without creating a long term dependency. It is so empowering and freeing! There is no bullshit; everything is to the point, with fierce honesty, tremendous determination for success, outstanding care, and support. If you are really ready to reach your goals you will definitely get there!

Carole V

Friedemann helped me identify and resolve very deep-seated traumas

If there is a healing practitioner more perceptive, caring, and responsive than Friedemann Schaub, I’d like to meet that person. Friedemann helped me identify and quickly and effectively resolve very deep-seated problems and traumas.

Dr. Nancy B

[Dr. Schaub] was truly my life saver

There are no words to express what Dr. Schaub did to help me during the most difficult time of life when I was struggling with fear and anxiety.

God gave me a precious gift when I meet Dr. Schaub; he was truly my life saver. So many times I felt like I was drowning and then he would give me the tools and compassion to make me feel safe in discovering my true self.

Dr. Schaub helped me navigate through this amazing journey that let me know that the universe is wonderful and full of favor.

I will be forever grateful for the work, compassion and kindness that Dr. Schaub provided as I found my way back to a great life. I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with fear and anxiety to reach out to Dr. Schaub and start your journey home today.

In hard times I have learned three things

  • I am stronger then I imagined
  • God is closer than I ever realized
  • And that I am loved more than I ever knew

Thank you Dr. Schaub for helping me know that I am an amazing person and worthy of life’s greatness.

Jennifer Currier



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