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Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself and I’ll be forever grateful

​A friend referred me to Dr. Friedmann at a time when frankly, I was not in a good place. I’d been to therapy before, and it was okay, but I never really felt I resolved anything. My experience with Dr. Friedemann however, was just on a whole other level. From the very first session, I felt a shift happen. And now, today…I am no longer stuck in the same patterns I had been for years. Dr. Friedmann has helped me, supported me, and, more importantly, he has given me the tools to help myself. I am no longer repeating the same self-defeating patterns but have established new healthy ones.
Today, I am in a completely different place. I am not the person I was. I am me, finally! Dr. Friedmann helped me to trust and truly love myself, and I’ll be forever grateful.

James M.T. Marshall, UK

I know I said it isn't magic, but it seems like magic to me [. . .]

Dr. Friedemann changed my life, but what he really did was bring me back to life and give me hope.

Mark, Missouri

Doing deep inner work, and opening your heart to become your most authentic self is never easy, especially if there are years and years of rejection, pain and performance to uncover. Mark gave himself fully into the process, and through it, found the space and self-compassion to heal and express himself fully in the world.

Watch his breakthrough journey with the Accelerated Breakthrough Program.


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For the first time in my life I feel like having the career and the life I’ve always dreamed of is within reach

After years of therapy and lots of other approaches to “inner work” I was still feeling blocked in my life – primarily in the area of my career – and unable to figure out what exactly was holding me back and how to transcend it. Through my work with Friedemann I was able to identify two subconscious parts of myself with distinctly different needs that had been leaving me feeling conflicted for years. I was able to learn to accept and appreciate these parts of myself and integrate them. As a result, I feel much more “whole” and at peace with myself. I also feel much more confident and free of the need to prove myself and compete with others. For the first time in my life I feel like having the career and the life I’ve always dreamed of is within reach. I highly recommend working with Friedemann!

Laurie B

I am freer and happier than I have been for many, many years

I have lived in a general state of anxiety and fear for some time and have felt powerless to change. After working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub, this has changed. Now, I love and appreciate myself and do not wait for others to make me feel loved. I realize that I have the power to take control of my life and that I have choices about who I want to be and what I want to affect my life. I feel greater peace, self acceptance and self love as well as more hope for my future. I am more in control of my life and consequently feel much less physical and emotional pain and I am freer and happier than I have been for many, many years.

Bonnie W

For the first time in my life I am happy with me!

Before I went to work with Dr. Schaub, I thought there was something wrong with me…. like I was wired wrong. I had no love for life, no appreciation for people or things around me. I was very sensitive to what others thought of me. I cried a lot, had huge amounts of anxiety, and was not happy with myself at all. I had been to lots of different types of counseling and therapy…. but nothing seemed to work. They seemed to just listen to me spill my guts on what had ‘happened’ that week and then I left an hour later. I never had any tools to help me through what was going on in my life and I didn’t feel any better. What Dr. Schaub did was completely different. Yes, I still talked about what was happening with me, but this time I really had tools and information to take home and apply in everyday life issues. I had no clue I could feel good about myself or look at myself in the mirror and be proud of who I see! For the first time in my life I am happy with me! I now address any times that used to be difficult for me with the tools I now have. My life is completely changed. Thank you Dr. Schaub!

Nomi F

By the end of our sessions, I had discontinued the anti-depressant medication […] I will never need to take them again

When I initially came to see Dr. Schaub, I envisioned working on a certain area of my life that caused me lot’s of anxiety for which I had been taking anti-depressants for many years and over which I was feeling quite helpless.

Almost immediately with his help and guidance, I was able to delve deeper into the essential concern and learned that it had little to do with my perceived notion. He helped me identify the blocks and issues that were really holding me back from leading a rich, full life with confidence and creativity. By the end of our sessions, I had discontinued the anti-depressant medication and feel quite confident, I will never need to take them again. Through a very safe and nurturing process, he taught me various simple techniques that I continue to practice daily with the very direct result of feeling energized for leading a beautiful, abundant life.

Working with him was a profound, life-changing experience, well worth the money. I truly consider Dr. Friedemann to be one of the worlds great healers.

Caroline B

I am so glad that my friend recommended him to me

Seeing Dr. Friedemann Schaub helped me to transcend decades of feeling resentful towards my father. I was amazed that he was able to help lead me to the source of my anger so quickly, and once there, provided such incredible insight and understanding that all the years of anger and anxiety literally disappeared. I am more centered, confident and am able to happily “let life flow” because of my work with Dr. Schaub. His unique approach has changed my life and I am forever grateful to have worked with such a gifted, special human being. I am so glad that my friend recommended him to me and that I said yes.

Paula W

Our work together has helped me change my life in a BIG way

Working with Dr. Friedemann has freed me from many many self-defeating patterns that have plagued me all my life. When I started with him I felt & believed I was a prisoner of my life – over the years the beliefs had worn me down & almost taken away my soul.

On the journey I discovered more negative beliefs than I was aware of & they were quite entangled & multifaceted – no wonder they had been driving me crazy & draining my life force for so long. I was riddled with guilt/shame, had almost given up.

Through the process of working with Dr. Friedemann – together we unraveled my history & the deep internalization of the stories around it – which caused me deep pain & suffering.  As this happened it (the past) began to have less power over me & at the same time my inner strength & self-love grew. I now have a voice after sitting in shame for decades. I now know what inner strength is.

Dr. Friedmann has so many qualities that make him such a pleasure to work with – namely his sincerity & want to affect real & deep change. His compassion & sensitivity that allow him to understand situations I’m sure he has never himself experienced. But by far his biggest strength for me was his ability to piece together a muddled messy history that taunted me.  It felt so good to verbally express my thoughts, emotions & strong feelings & have them heard & then expressed back to me in a way that helped me make sense of it all.  I guess it felt like validation & allowed me to then release it & finally become free. Our work together has helped me change my life in a BIG way – but in a gentle way. It wasn’t the way I expected – it wasn’t easy at times. But I am changed, calmer, free & happy.

I’m on MY path now & am moving forward with life in my way. After so many years of people pleasing & tension in my life & body, I now feel renewed & more relaxed. I have a sense of ease – a feeling I didn’t believe I would ever have.

In much gratitude & appreciation,

Marnie Jess, Australia

[Dr. Schaub’s Book] resonated in a way that other resources did not

Nothing made sense about how I felt about life. I had a happy family, great friends, my full health and a soaring career which afforded me an enviable lifestyle. The more success I had, the worse I felt inside.

Although I usually kept myself busy enough during the day at work to escape my feelings, my downtime was filled with feelings of anxiety and depression. I was worried about everything and constantly imagined doomsday scenarios about my future, none of which were reasonable or consistent with past experiences. I anticipated that at some point I would fail, though I never had. The more I tried to stay on top of the uncertainties of life, the worse I got. All my time with my family was spent in a fearful darkness, I could no longer feel any pleasure. I then went through 5 years of anti-depressants which lifted most of the symptoms. However, the side effects were awful and made me feel disconnected from my emotional life. I decided that this was not a good life and that there must be a better way.

After reading many books, seeing a number of therapists and countless hours on the web, I encountered “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” by Dr. Friedemann Schaub.  I read the book and worked through the exercises. I found that it resonated in a way that other resources did not. It helped me to peel away the layers of the past and challenge beliefs I had held about myself unconsciously.

It showed me that different periods of my childhood had instilled deep and buried feelings of worthlessness and that I later developed compensating heroic beliefs. Both of these opposing beliefs remained in conflict with each other and with my present self and manifested themselves as two unconscious personalities – a protector personality and a hero personality. Both hiding in plain sight!

Dr. Friedemann’s approach helped me to uncover, reconcile and value these parts of my psyche, while at the same time building a new set of mature beliefs founded in reality and self compassion. We completed a series of one-to-one counseling sessions using Skype which repeated, refreshed and enhanced the steps in the book and helped me to develop a plan to sustain my progress and work on a new reality. I have now been over a year free of drugs and irrational anxiety. I enjoy life now and have a wholesome sense of self belief that I didn’t realize was missing in the first place. I no longer seek external validation and I no longer have the constant sense that my world is going to come crumbling down. I used to spend so much of my mental life fighting imaginary demons. Now I spend my time doing the things I enjoy and have a renewed vigour and lust for life and all it has to offer. If you are determined to reject the narrative that anxiety, depression and anti depressants are inevitable consequences of modern life and are prepared to do the work, then Dr. Friedemann’s methods can work for you to create a different reality. It is not just about eliminating the negative thinking, but creating a thought system that provides for a rich and fulfilling mental life.

Dr Friedemann is a wonderful person and I enjoyed all our interactions. His program has been transformational for me and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

David Meaghar, Ireland

I was able to let go of life-long struggles with anxiety and insecurity, which had recently turned into a chronic auto-immune disease

My work with Dr. Schaub has been an incredible experience.  I was able to let go of life-long struggles with anxiety and insecurity, which had recently turned into a chronic auto-immune disease. I am now healed, physically and emotionally, and feel happier and more at peace than ever. Through working with Dr. Schaub I have learned how to heal myself, how to be whole again and how to be myself. I have learned to trust my inner wisdom, to change old patterns that don’t work for me any more, to create new, healthy ways of living that help me thrive in life. I know, that if I continue to I live fearlessly and with passion, anything is possible. Thank you, Dr. Schaub, for being there for me 100%, for your wisdom and knowledge, and for being my guide on my path to wellness.

Mary Macenka, Washington

I was going through life with blinders on

Anxiety is a very isolating and challenging condition. It narrowed my world and my experiences so much that day to day life became a struggle for me. I cannot thank Dr. Friedemann Schaub enough for opening up my mind and my heart to see that there’s so much more than the way I was living. I was going through life with blinders on and was so consumed with my thoughts, expectations and worries. Dr. Schaub helped me break those patterns and helped me learn that I could be someone capable, strong and caring without my anxiety. Life can be so much more if you commit to tackling your fears. If you are struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact him! He will change your life.

Katrina Jones

Dr. Friedemann’s work with me saved my life in a powerful way

After years of not being fully successful with my healing process and suffering a great deal because of it, I happened to listen to one of Dr. Friedemann’s radio shows online. Upon hearing his voice and listening to his points of view, I felt that he would be the person to help me. I had spent years in therapy without any results. Not getting the proper care, I took it upon myself to research about healing modalities and had made some gains, but nothing that would heal me completely.

Dr. Friedemann has a unique ability to understand a problem fully and is able to help you face the issue and let it go through deep understanding. After only a few sessions, I was able to sense a difference in my outlook and state of mind and body. I felt more focused. My awareness and energy increased. I had more self-confidences and began to feel more gratitude toward myself and my life.

I can safely say that Dr. Friedemann’s work with me saved my life in a powerful way. I could have reached some state of resolution with other healers, but it would have taken much more time and it would not have been as complete and permanent. By the time our work ended, I was able to feel myself as the person I truly am – free from anxiety, more centered and with a great deal of appreciation for my life and who I am. Dr. Friedemann’s genuine care and deep understanding, coupled with a focused and loving attention to minute details of your issues enables him to make connections where others fail. Furthermore, he is not afraid to tell you what he perceives as right and wrong and how to proceed. Unlike others who are intimated by the process of giving advice, Dr. Friedemann makes daily recommendations in the process of recovery and encourages you to follow those steps.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Friedemann to those who are ready to let go of their pain once and for all, and move into a more fulfilling life, led by a holistic relationship between your body, mind, heart and spirit so that you are not singlehandedly leaning on will power or intellect alone; in other words, a balanced life, free from anxiety and self limiting beliefs. It is true, you can heal.

Myriam Zah, Florida



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