Reclaim your life with Zero Frequency

calming sunset

"What Does Zero Frequency® Feel Like?"

We are living in a time when many people are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders-global and personal stress, financial challenges, illness, loneliness, depression, and lack of purpose. What if there was a pathway out of turmoil and towards a life of happiness, peace, and abundance? 

Mabel Katz is the creator of Zero Frequency®, a philosophy that helps people enjoy the many possibilities that life has to offer when we return to our natural state of "Zero". We experience the state of Zero Frequency when we live in the moment-present, conscious, free of judgments, when our heart is open to the wisdom within. 

Here is how Mabel describes living in Zero Frequency:

"In today's hectic and complicated world, it's easy to always be on the go-moving, rushing and heading somewhere. We have GPS systems in our cars, maps on our phones and to-do lists in our pockets. And because we can cross off all the things we've accomplished, we convince ourselves that we're productive and even compliment ourselves on our ability to do many things at once. And, of course, we need to get things done to raise our families, pay the mortgage and keep the boss happy. But what we cannot do is always be looking for the green lights in our lives.

"We need to look for the yellow and red lights that allow us to pause and Be. We cannot be afraid of the peace and the silence that allows us to be with ourselves. Osho often talked about how, on our journey through life, we only see arrows: places to go and directions to take. Most of us never notice another symbol along the way: the zero mark. He was on a walk in the woods and he came across a stone with a zero mark on it and he realized it meant he had arrived at his destination. Unfortunately, our minds don't allow us to see this. The mind only sees arrows. It's up to each of us to find the zero marks in our own lives-to realize that we need to stop and pause. These symbols are everywhere and not just stones on the road, but moons, circles, yellow lights and red lights. It could be a sunset. Zeros are everywhere. There is a reason that the word "now" has the letter "o" in the middle. It is the symbol for zero, nothingness and knowing. And it is only in the now-the present moment-that we will realize that there's no other place we need to be than precisely where we are.

"In his book, The Beginning of the Beginning, Osho writes how the important part of the house is the door, where there is empty space that allows you to enter and leave the house. He also uses the example of a water jug: "You fill a water vessel-where does the water fill? In the empty space of the vessel, of course. So the vessel actually comprises the empty space, whereas the walls of the vessel merely surround the empty space within...So the empty space within the pot is the important part of the pot." What is invisible-the empty space-is what will enable us to bring our awareness and divinity to life, to live more at Zero Frequency®. It is what makes all things possible. This is what Zero feels like. When you are at Zero, you get up in the morning and, even if you notice there are issues to deal with that day, you don't worry because you are above all of your problems. You perceive situations differently, as if you are an observer; you are not emotionally attached to any outcome. You engage less and you choose your battles. When you are at Zero Frequency®, you are happy for no reason and at peace no matter what. You see with God's eyes, not through the filters of your past experiences and perceived limitations. At Zero, you make decisions consciously, not reactively. You are more present and you pay more attention. As Michael Singer says, you are aware that you are aware. You now know there is something more for you, a bigger plan, and that you are not here by chance. You know everything is part of the plan and everything is perfect."

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