Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System with Award Winning Filmmaker Bill Bennett


Most of us have had this experience: you follow an inner voice or a strong gut feeling that doesn’t seem to make rational sense, but in the end turns to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. You hesitate at an intersection, and miss getting hit by a driver who ran a red light. You decide on a whim to go on a date, and wind up meeting the love of your life. You have a hunch that you should invest in a little online startup, and it becomes Google.

When I was thirty years old, my life’s path seemed like the “Autobahn” – straight, fast and flat. I was heading toward becoming a professor in cardiology, and was about to start a mandatory two year post-doctoral research program at the Max-Plank Institute in Munich, Germany. I lived with my girlfriend of three years in a beautiful flat with a roof-top terrace, drove a stylish car, and found pleasure in buying expensive shoes. The problem was, neither of these things seemed to be ‘me’ – not that I really knew what it meant to be me. I just knew that something was fundamentally off.

Then, Life, or the Universe, threw me a bone – which, at first glance, appeared anything but a juicy one. Just after I had quit my job in

cardiology to start my research project, the Max-Plank Institute informed me that, unfortunately, my position was no longer available. With a mixture of disbelief and devastation, I did what most Bavarians would do – I immediately called a friend to meet me in the sanctuary of a beer-garden. After I vented and whined for some time, my friend asked me whether I could imagine that this could turn out to be a great opportunity? At first, I vehemently insisted that I was screwed, and that my career was pretty much over. But then I heard a voice from somewhere inside of me, continuously asking the questions: “What about going to the US? You’ve always wanted to go there. What about now?” Whether these questions or suggestions were more than just random brain activities, they still immediately felt right. As hard as my rational mind tried listing arguments to dismiss this “crazy” idea, I knew I had to find a way to pursue my research in the US.

It was one of my prouder moments – to actually have listened to what I would call my intuition. As a physician, I was used to paying attention to my gut feeling when it came to deciphering more mysterious symptoms of my patients. My intuition frequently steered me in the right direction, or provided me with important insight, which a couple of times even saved the person’s life. But when it came to my own life, I usually relied on logic and reason rather than listening to my intuitive guidance. If I hadn’t listened to my intuition and moved to the US, we wouldn’t be connected. My “Autobahn” life would have continued to run on auto-pilot, and probably ended up in some serious crash.

Now, you may be thinking, “If only I could tap into those intuitive insights more often.” Turns out you can, especially if you learn to identify which signals to focus on — whether they’re sweaty palms, a funny feeling in your stomach, or a sudden and inexplicable certainty that something is up. Bill Bennett, an Australian film director, producer and screenwriter, heard a whisper of his intuition that lead to a remarkable experience: it saved his life. His strong desire to discover the source of this voice took him on a global journey to meet with leading experts on intuition spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality, such as Prince of Bhutan, Caroline Myss, Ph.D., Dr. Norm Shealy and James Van Praagh. His three year journey culminated in his film PGS – Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System. Join Bill Bennett and me on this episode of Empowerment Radio and discover the subtle energetic system that seeks to protect and guide us along life’s journey so that we can lead a life of true purpose fulfillment and contentment.

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