A Conversation with Paul Selig

Posted on August 10, 2021
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For many of us despite the chaos and division going on around us, there is a growing desire to find greater meaning in our lives, one that holds a deeper sense of purpose for our existence.

It is not always an easy journey. Sometimes there are sections we would rather not revisit. In fact, we all have parts of ourselves that we prefer not to look at but the reality is if we have a body buried in the basement, eventually it is going to stink up the whole house. Denying our darkness keeps us from our ability to step fully into the light of healing and find our greater meaning and purpose.

In order to heal from the wounds or wrongdoings of our past, they need to be brought up from the basement to the surface where they can be seen and faced head on. Even if the process is painful. This is not done to point fingers, place blame or drag others into the darkness with us. Rather it is so we can look at the experience no matter how painful it may be and move through it in order to be released from the pain and find our greater meaning.

Shifting from victimhood which keeps us separated from each other and God is how we can finally come together in love and support with each other and God. Are there any dark corners in your life that need some exploration and healing?


Join Paul and myself this Thursday, August 12th 9am PT/ 12pm ET, on Get Real, where we address topics such as, how to connect to our divine truth, the role of fear in life, and the future of humanity.