Everyday Mindfulness with Keith Macpherson

Posted on April 18, 2019
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Our generation has more anxiety, depression, and stress than ever before recorded. We have come to a tipping point in our current world, and it seems many of us are trying to find a way back to the secrets of inner peace, simplicity, and connection. Over the past few years, the word “mindful” has become quite a buzz word in our culture. It has often been associated with the practice of slowing down our thoughts and paying more attention to the present moment. And yet, there is so much more to mindfulness.

My special guest on Empowerment Radio this Thursday at noon ET, 9 AM PT is Keith Macpherson, author of Making Sense of Mindfulness.

In his book Keith writes:

“What if I asked you, “What’s your dream?” What would your immediate response be? Pondering our personal dreams moves things to adeeper  level, as it makes one look at the heart of the matter: What is it I truly want? To dream is our essence. We are dreamers who are constantly creating and dreaming our thoughts into reality. Even in this moment, if your mind has started wandering off into a daydream of some sort, you are creating and dreaming from an inner place of imagination. The world around us was all created by dreams and imagination—two words, which, to me, are unanimous.Our imaginations are powerful instruments, capable of creating anything we truly want to experience in this reality. Thus, in a mindfulness practice, it becomes essential to monitor our inner dreams and make sure they are in alignment with the way we want our lives to unfold.

To become a master of mindfulness practice, the concept of inner dreaming is an essential practice to apply and understand. In our culture, many of us are quite disconnected from the belief that everything around us has been created by the thoughts within our minds. In contrast to organic inspiration, one does not have to venture far to be told by society what to think, how to feel, and how to behave. We are up against the conditioning of our culture and its pressures to conform to a specific way of being. Television commercials, advertisements, and the opinions of other people in  our social circles are all external triggers that shape who we decide to become. Many times, we take on the beliefs that are spoon fed to us, without noticing that these external suggestions are shaping the thoughts in our inner dream space.

In mindfulness, you must learn to operate independently of the external opinion of others—unless you consciously decide you want to adopt the collective opinion. We become what we think about. Therefore, where we choose to focus our thoughts and energy will determine, to a great extent, what will manifest in our lives. If you’re willing to accept this truth, you will wake up and realize that you no longer have to adopt the opinions of others or the cultural conditioning placed upon you. Instead, you can mindfully choose what you want to dream about regularly. You are the dreamer! You create your reality! The thoughts you choose to think will form your experience of reality. Therefore, as an inner dreamer, you must wake up and dream with intent. Otherwise, you will dream on behalf of the external world’s desires and demands, which may not align with the inner calling whispering inside your own soul.”

Tune in this Thursday on Empowerment Radio, or Facebook Live, and learn how you can become more calm, centered and confident by integrating the principles of mindfulness into your everyday life.