How to resurrect the Divine Feminine in all of us

Posted on May 17, 2019
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We are living in a world that has many challenges to deal with – climate change, energy and water shortages, inequality of wealth, racism and other prejudices etc.  Without being overly judgmental, the fact is that all of these problems arose under the command of the patriarchy. But rather than bringing the world back into balance by empowering women as equals and seeking their advice and leadership, men continue to abuse, control and suppress the feminine power. Yet, the “Me Too” movement, midterm election and number of female presidential candidates demonstrates that women are no longer willing to be pushed to the sidelines.

There were times in history where Goddesses and heroines were revered and respected, their stories kept alive for hundreds of years to inspire and empower women. My guest on this upcoming episode of Empowerment Radio is award-winning author and scholar in mythology, Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan. With her books, Legends of the Grail and Heroines of Avalon, she has brought to life for this generation the stories of the powerful British and Irish female mythological figures as inspiration to all those who wish to live in harmony with the earth.

Here is what she wrote about the Sacred Feminine:

The restoration of the Divine Feminine is essential because the earth is in a critical state. It has come out of great imbalance and darkness because of the domination and suppression of nature, the indigenous people and the feminine.

The Divine Feminine exists within both men and women. Men need to be encouraged to embrace their feminine sides because we are all half male and half female and she needs to be restored in men and women alike. While men may resist this concept initially the truth is that a balanced male finds himself living in a happy household. As he moves into greater balance he finds that he is naturally prosperous and that he can use his drives in a new way, not one based on killing and destruction but instead to explore his inner worlds, which is one of the last unexplored territories. Men can embrace their feminine qualities without giving up their maleness and live in balance with themselves, the earth and humanity. Men with awakened feminine qualities are wonderfully creative and nurturing, and we need to see more creativity and care in this world and less destruction. We are the co-creators of this earth and are meant to be the wise stewards of it. As we embrace the qualities of the Divine Feminine we can learn to work with life and not against it.

One way to begin to recognize the Divine Feminine is to know her qualities, which include compassion, loving kindness, humility, tenderness, nurturing, divine love, reverence and respect for all life. The Divine Feminine sees all of existence as sacred, for she reveres and honors all life. The Divine Feminine comes in the form of the preserver of life, the mother, the lover and the compassionate friend. She can be very intimate with us. Returning to these qualities will bring back balance and restore peace on earth. We are living in a time when mutual cooperation, understanding and harmony are our primary focus. For we must all learn how to live together and begin practicing a return to peace. We will eventually become the loving custodians of the earth. We will learn that humanity can be supportive, loving, kind and that we can all flourish. We simply forgot how for a while.

Listen my interview with Ayn Cates Sullivan and learn more about how to harness the gifts and magic of Divine Feminine.