We Can Move Mountains

Posted on January 23, 2013
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The subconscious mind is also responsible for all physiological functions of the body; we don’t regulate our heart rate, breathing, kidney function or digestion with our conscious mind. If we would, the collection of trillions of cells that comprise our body, would not work together as effectively and harmoniously as it usually does. And even “deliberate” movement, such as walking, requires the precise coordination of many different muscles, a challenge that we would not able to master consciously. Along those lines, have you ever noticed that you can’t really recall, how you drove yourself to work or how you were eating that sandwich while watching TV? The subconscious mind takes control of all these automatic movements and patterns, without our conscious awareness. In fact, studies suggest that more than 75% of our daily activities are regulated by the subconscious mind.

Considering the vast responsibilities of the subconscious mind, its power and enormous potential become very obvious. With the right leverage, we can move mountains. Working directly with the subconscious mind provides this leverage, to effectively create profound and long-lasting changes on the mental, emotional and physical level.