Understand Your Purpose with the Ten Terrains of Consciousness

Posted on January 18, 2021
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Have you been feeling lost lately? Are you not sure how to approach the new year so that it does not become just another mountain to climb, or another circle to go around without an ending in sight? Have you been wondering - who am I and why am I here in the first place?

Imagine you could discover your underlying operating system that creates the way you see the world, your beliefs, behaviors, and relationships to money, health, love... 

What if you could suddenly understand why you are facing certain challenges, and how to move beyond them. And what if you could gain crystal clarity on what is best for you to thrive in life?

All of this is possible through the fantastic work of my 2 guests today, Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed, founders and authors of Ten Terrains of Consciousness

Here is a brief introduction on their Ten Terrains work:

"Everyone has a Terrain of Consciousness. You do. Your family members do. So do your friends, your favorite celebrities, your political leaders. Every single person alive has a Terrain.

"Your Terrain of Consciousness is the fundamental way you see reality. It creates the core operating system that you live from. It is underneath all your programs.  It is running you. It creates your thoughts, your beliefs, your values. It drives your choices, your actions and your behavior. It underlies your worldview and your entire paradigm.  It is the foundation beneath your entire life.

"Each Terrain is completely different.  Even if you are in the same room as a person at a different Terrain, it is as if you are living in a completely different reality or in a parallel universe.  You each see and experience the world in a completely different way.

"You only have ONE Terrain of Consciousness.  Just like a person cannot simultaneously wear two pairs of glasses, you only see the world through the lens of one Terrain of Consciousness. And just like a person cannot simultaneously be in France and Australia, you can only operate from one Terrain of Consciousness.

"Your Terrain can change as you grow and evolve. As your awareness expands throughout your life, you may shift to a new Terrain. Such a shift is monumental, for it changes everything in your life: the way you see the world, the choices you make, the people you are drawn to, the work you do, your very relationship to reality. Some people's whole world falls apart when they jump Terrains. Nothing seems to fit them anymore - not their work, their friends, their life... It's huge!

"We chose the word 'Terrain' carefully. A Terrain is 'the condition upon which something manifests.' Deserts, jungles, forests, plains, and mountains, are all different types of terrain and they give rise to different kinds of plants and trees and animal life. This is exactly how our Terrain of Consciousness operates. It gives rise to to our cultures, beliefs, and behaviors.

"Every culture and civilization also has a Terrain of Consciousness. This is known as the 'Prevailing Terrain' of the day. It shapes life in that civilization - at a social, economic, political and cultural level.

"The Terrains are not levels or grades. They are ten perceptual filters on the ONE Infinite Consciousness.

"Your Terrain is not WHO you are, it is WHERE you are. A person is not 'a' Diamond, they are 'AT' Diamond.  This is the stage they are currently at in their evolutionary spiritual journey.

"The Continuum Of Terrains is like a train journey. And the 10 Terrains are like the different stops. (Although, unlike a train ride, your evolutionary journey is holographic, not linear.)

​"No one Terrain is better than any other. Just like it is no better to be 14 years old than 13 years old, it is no better to be at one Terrain than at another. All Terrains are of equal value. Each Terrain brings with it important gifts, lessons and challenges.  Each Terrain is like a fun playground with its own rides and games to explore and enjoy.

"Where you are on the Continuum right now is exactly where you are meant to be in order for you to give the gifts you are here to give now. There is no goal to shift to the next Terrain. It is not a race. No one is 'ahead' of you or 'behind' you. 

"You cannot rush your journey through the Continuum. You cannot use your mind or willpower to jump to a more expanded Terrain. You will only shift Terrain when your Infinite Self is ready for you to do so, once you have learned the lessons of your current Terrain. So enjoy the ride!

"Knowing your Terrain will change your life! It will help you to know yourself better, understand where you are at on your own evolutionary spiritual journey, get along better with other people, make the right choices for YOU right now, and have much greater peace of mind about the state of our world."

Join us on this upcoming episode of Empowerment Radio on Thursday, January 21st at 12PM ET / 9AM ET and learn how the Ten Terrains of consciousness can help you to understand your true purpose and discover the best strategies to help you thrive in your life.  Watch along on Facebook Live.