The Vast Subconscious Mind

Posted on January 3, 2013
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The subconscious or unconscious mind (terms which can be used interchangeably), is the part of our mind, which operates usually below the level of our normal consciousness. Like in the iceberg analogy, the subconscious mind is the faster and more substantial part of our mind. Out of the 2 Million bits of information which approach us every second, the conscious mind can only register 7+/- bits, whereas the subconscious mind, computes 140+/-. The subconscious mind is in charge of our emotions, which explains why we can feel a certain way without really knowing why – for example waking up grumpy one day and completely happy the next. The subconscious mind also stores memories from any events of our past. Just take a moment and think about the house you grew up in.

Before you visited this place in your conscious mind, you had to access this information from its subconscious storage space. However, not all memory is accessible to us; one so-called “prime directions” of the subconscious mind, is to seal off traumatic events, which we are not ready to deal with. In addition, our deepest core beliefs, values and imprints are “anchored” and programmed into our
subconscious mind.