The POWER of Perspective

Posted on November 20, 2012
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Why does it appear so difficult to change and thrive – to take life into our own hands and follow our dreams? Most of us have a natural fear of change. We become used to our lives and limitations being the way they are, and even if they are unpleasant, they are in a sense more comfortable than even the prospect of something new, something we don’t understand or might fail at. What would change? What would a bigger life actually look like and feel like? Who would we be? What if don’t have what it takes? As we remain stuck and entangled in our fears and insecurities, our belief that we aren’t able to change only increases.

The good news is that we all have the most powerful tool to break through these fundamental barriers at our disposal. Our consciousness, which consists of conscious and subconscious mind and higher consciousness. The acronym POWER describes the five natural abilities of our consciousness that provide us with the leverage and power to break through any perceived limitations and take our lives to a greater level of happiness and fulfillment.

The first power is the power of Perspective, which means our ability to be conscious that we create our own reality – and how we can make it better. With perspective comes awareness, with awareness comes responsibility, and with taking responsibility comes true empowerment.

Click here to download the Gain Complete Perspective exercise (a free mp3 download), which allows you to bring your conscious, subconscious mind and higher consciousness in alignment with each other – and thus gain within a few minutes a new, self-empowered
perspective on yourself and your life.