Tap into the power of calm during chaos and uncertainty

Posted on November 3, 2020
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seeds of strength

Are you feeling wired-tired? Anxious because of the election, the worsening pandemic, and the uncertainty of the future? And at the same time, you're exhausted because there is just too much to be worried about right now? 

During this period of unprecedented challenges, this feeling may be all too familiar for you: You are so stressed out and your mind is spinning so fast that you are no longer aware of the present moment, let alone your body. All you notice is your mind racing to the "whys" and "why nots" of the past and the "what ifs" of the future. It is tempting to search for comfort and reassurance in your favorite news channel, messages on social media, or conversations with others that share your views. Yet at some point, you realize that no matter how much time you spend watching the news or scrolling through the web, you still feel uneasy and off-balance.

The reason is, with all the distracting noise surrounding you, you may have lost your connection with yourself. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain calm during the chaos. Yet, to get through these turbulent times with clarity, peace, and positivity, you can't let your mind get tossed around like a feather in the wind. Instead, you need to become like a tree that weathers the storm: rooted in serenity and integrity, flexible in how you approach every day, and open to let the light of truth, kindness, and love reach your heart. 

Here is an effective process that allows you to keep your calm when everybody else seems to struggle with stress and confusion. Watch the video below, or click here to watch on YouTube for keeping calm during this chaos.


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