How to Move Beyond Survival

Posted on February 16, 2016
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Empowerment Radio ArchiveOne of the greatest gifts we can share with the world and ourselves is love.  My amazing wife Danielle Hoffman joined me on Empowerment Radio.

Sometimes it is easy to forget, that we are born with sheer unlimited potential to grow, adapt and succeed. Just the fact that we learned how to crawl and then to walk, that we developed skills to feed and clean ourselves and that we figured out how to form words to communicate with others proves that we are innately powerful. As children we had a staunch belief in our power, otherwise we would have, after the third stumble and fall, stopped trying to stand upright. Everything seemed possible, we just had to keep on moving forward. But somehow many of us lost this natural confidence and desire to expand, express and share our true nature with the world around us. Whether we felt criticized or rejected, neglected or not fitting in, whether we experienced painful failure or watched others abandon their dreams out of fear and insecurity, suddenly it seemed to be more important to focus on safety and survival, rather than exploring and thriving. At some point we postponed pursuing our dreams, passions and purpose indefinitely, and settled for the notion it is better to just get by than to be gotten.

So we give our power away to those, who appear in control. We hide out or pretend that we are not good enough and don’t have anything to offer the world. We tell ourselves that it is too dangerous to shine, become visible or share our gifts, because we may get ostracized, lose love or have to endure judgment and ridicule. But what is the price we pay for making ourselves smaller than we are, for trying to fit in and appear “normal”, rather than standing out with our unique authentic selves? Ultimately living in survival mode doesn’t only cost us the experience of a fulfilling life, it also deprives those, who we could inspire, support and make a difference for, of the gift of the contribution we are here to make. The good news is, that is it never too late to shift gears and outgrow these patterns – and it isn’t as difficult as it may appear. Sometimes it just takes the example of someone, who did move out of survival into living from joy and purpose, to regain the trust in our own unlimited possibilities.

One of those shining examples is Danielle Hoffman, who is my first guest on Empowerment Radio. Having gone through her own share of powerlessness, self-limiting beliefs and fear of being seen, she decided that playing it small and hiding her gifts was no longer an option for her. Danielle pursued her spiritual evolution and is now a leading voice in the shift into unity consciousness, an award winning author and vibrational coach.

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