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Posted on April 27, 2017
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One of the most common questions people ask me in regards to their struggles with fear and anxiety is “How can I make my mind stop worrying and spiraling out of control?” The answer is, you can’t just stop your mind – you need to learn how to redirect it. Our mind, in particular our subconscious, is in constant motion. Even while we are sleeping, the subconscious resolves, digests and releases the events and impressions it has registered during the day. Trying to stop your mind from moving is like trying to teach a humming bird to chill out.

Yet, how can you redirect your mind, when it zig-zags like an unruly puppy on a leash, from one worry to the next ‘what if’ story? Here is an article I wrote, which will give you a better understanding on why your mind may have been spinning around all the things that can go wrong or may be wrong with you. And this article will also show you an effective process on how to train your subconscious to shift its focus towards opportunities, possibilities and positivity.

Don’t hesitate to e-mail me, if you have any question, or would like to get more information on how my personal breakthrough and empowerment sessions can help you overcome and outgrow your fear and anxiety.

Paul SeligTomorrow my very special guest on Empowerment Radio is the author and medium Paul Selig. Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. In his breakthrough works of channeled literature, I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, The Book of Knowing and Worth and The Book of Mastery, Paul has recorded an extraordinary program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature.

Listen to my interview with Paul Selig or view here on youtube and learn more about the surprisingly practical, otherworldly insights these unseen intellects provide to help us achieve fulfillment and peace by setting healthy boundaries and making life-altering decisions.

Here is an excerpt of his latest book, The Book of Mastery: (Paul’s guides speaking to him): Now the small self, or the personality self, knows herself through these things and counts on the landscape to identify through her, to see herself as the magistrate of all of her creations, “I made this thing, it is here,” “I decided that thing, it came to be,” but the who that decides and the who that chooses is the aspect of the self that was taught to believe, or create, in certain ways. The Divine Self, or the Christed Self, or the Divine Truth of who you are, who seeks its expression through you, will claim something vastly different when she knows who she truly is in exchange with the things she sees before her.

When you decide in advance what something should be, the aspect of you who is deciding is the aspect of the self that was taught certain things: This is what it means to be successful, to be happy, to be lived a life in happiness. Well, we will say this to you: While there may be merit in some of those teachings, they were created by others and you simply attend to them as if they are the truth, and you look at your landscape and you measure your worth, or your achievement, or your happiness by the creations you have made. This is presumptive, on your part, that you should be achieved, or be happy, or in congruence with society’s needs for what these things should be, or mean, or look like.

We will ask you this: If there were never any laws, would mankind have gone wild? Were that there were never any status, would one have risen above the other, would things be valued in the ways that they are? If there was never any death, would you all be running around in your lives as if this is the last piece of bread you would ever be given or the last sunset you would see?

We will tell you this: The world that you know, that you have created and cocreated with your fellows, is a construct. A construct is a creation, a manifestation of consciousness made into form, and that is the kingdom you know yourself through. It is a shared creation. You and your brothers, you and your sisters, are all party to these creations. What will happen through the reading of this text is that the landscape you live in will be transformed because you will begin to exist in the higher octave that we call the Kingdom of the Christ or, if you wish, the Divine Self in her manifestation in all she sees before her.