From Powerless to Powerful

How often do you feel powerless—in the course of just one day? Whether you are stuck in traffic, wait in line for a coffee or get pushed by your boss to meet another unreasonable deadline—it seems obvious that life is out of your control. Yet, is that really true?

We may have no control over other people or some of the circumstances we are in. However, what we can control is how much of our power we give away. The question is, are you aware of how and where you are draining your personal power? It may be when you are trying to meet others’ expectations or taking their opinions of you personally. It may be when you are making yourself smaller to fit in or neglect your own needs because you are afraid of hurting somebody else.

Listen to my radio interview and learn how to discover and stop the most common “power leaks” and rebuild a strong foundation of self-empowerment through simple daily steps. (The recording may take a couple of minutes to open up.) Listen to my interview on empowerment radio

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