How to find the courage and trust to change everything with Ken D Foster

Posted on March 17, 2020
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Dr. Friedemann helps with finding courage

During a time of uncertainty, where many of us feel anxious, insecure and powerless, courage and trust in ourselves can bridge the gap between fear and fearless living. But how do you access the courage and trust to take life in your own hands, when so much appears out of your control?

I am sure you have had your share of challenges during your life. You may have grown up in a neglectful, unstable or abusive home, and not received the support and guidance you would have wanted. Maybe you had to deal with addiction, physical or emotional problems, or had to care for a loved one who struggled. You may have had financial setbacks, a job loss or a business failure. Or, you may have lost somebody you deeply loved. The question is, what inner strength and resources did you tap into, to be able to make it through your challenges and overcome the obstacles along the way?  Whether it was resilience, tenacity, pragmatism, creativity, flexibility or optimism, you have proven strength and potential inside of you, which can trust in and rely on. 

While like so many others during a time of crisis, you may get initially stuck in anxiety and overwhelm, as soon as you remind yourself that based on your life experiences, you know that you are well-equipped to handle anything that comes your way, your anxiety will pass and give way to a greater sense of calm confidence.

My special guest on this week’s episode of Empowerment Radio is Ken Foster, a leading expert on courage and human potential. Ken, a best-selling author and syndicated radio host, has helped thousands of people to redefine themselves through tapping into their inner resources and living with greater courage. He will challenge you to think differently and see the unseeable, know the unknowable and do the impossible.

Here is an excerpt from his newest book, The Courage to Change Everything.

“It takes courage to pick yourself up when you have fallen. But try again you must if you want to achieve your highest calling.” 


What will happen if you don’t try to generate your most fabulous dreams? Most likely you will live a life with a nagging sense of regret and never reach your full potential. You are all here because, at some level, you know there is more and you yearn to bring forth your greatness by moving past your limitations, growing your dreams and being of service to others. Your dreams have been given to you as your own personal Northern Star to help you become mentally, emotionally, physically robust and spiritually aware. It starts when you make up your mind to take charge of your life. So, do you want to be totally in charge of your life? If you do, then see yourself as the creative source in your own life. Permit yourself to tap into your brilliance and then start asking infinite, compelling, possibility questions (questions you can’t answer with the logical mind). Out of this experience awareness comes, follow it and take immediate actions to create an amazing life.

Today, ask:

  • “What is the most remarkable thing I can do to open the doors of success?”
  • “What can I let go of thinking that will forever change the way I perceive success?”
  • “How can my mind be mentally charged with success thoughts?”

Actions: Make up your mind that nothing will stop you from succeeding.

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”


When you are aware and spiritually alive, you know the truth when you hear it, sense it or see it; just as you can perceive lies. Awareness can move us into action, stop us from making mistakes, show us new directions, enlighten us, empower us and guide us to the life of our sweetest dreams. The most significant gift we can give our families and ourselves is to become aware of the truth of who we are. This isn’t found in a book, a workshop or from some new teaching. Awareness is accessed in stillness and found by noticing your oneness with your soul. It is always available when you are open to being still. When you tune into your senses, notice how you feel, then tune into the observer of how you feel. This is Awareness. This is where it is found. It is within you. When you tap into Awareness then use it to make important decisions and things will change for the better. In fact, if you make a spiritual effort now to increase your awareness by paying attention to it more often, things will get better in the future. It takes courage to listen, to speak and to act on your inner truth. You may not become a superstar doing this, but you will become the best you can be and achieve success beyond your greatest imagination.

Today, ask:

  • “What can I become more aware of?”
  • “What am I pretending not to see?”
  • “What am I aware of that will move my goals forward at lightning speed?”

Actions: Take two different steps to accomplish one goal today.

“Courage is grace under pressure.”


I have found in business and life that everyone deserves our compassion and love. We don’t need to condone negative behaviors to have compassion for others. We only need to relate to the human condition to genuinely feel the love from a deep place, no matter what is going on. Everyone has gone through situations where we haven’t performed at our best. We all make mistakes —big ones and small ones. We are all learning and growing. Believe it or not, most people are doing the best they can with the mindsets they are operating from. This is important to consider because, the more compassion you have the better leader you will be. If you lead from a place of compassion and can be dispassionate when disruptive circumstances arise, you are bound to have more success. Why, because with emotional upsets comes disharmony, which can blind you from seeing reality clearly and making the best choices. But with a compassionate mind, you will have less stress, more clarity and be available for solutions to your challenges.

Today ask:

  • “What’s the best way to increase compassion in my business and life?”
  • “When disruptive circumstances arise, what can I do to stay calm?”
  • “How can I bring more harmony into my business and life?

Actions: Take two actions today to bring more love and compassion in your life. One of those actions can be to quiet your mind and give yourself permission to slow down and withdraw from the hectic pace of life. Also, are you open to going deeper in meditation today than you did yesterday?

If you need help with this, get Ken D Foster’s The Science of Meditation Guide for FREE.

Join me and Ken on Empowerment Radio this Thursday, March 19th at 9AM PT / Noon ET, and learn how you can access the courage and resources within, so that you are able to pass through these challenging times with greater ease and grace. You may also join on video via Facebook Live.

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