Fear of Getting Older

Posted on February 27, 2017
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Empowerment RadioAre you afraid of getting older?  Of losing your vigor, your looks and ultimately your sense of being in control?

For a long time I told myself that most of my life was still ahead of me, which is why I didn’t spend much time thinking about aging or dying. Yet, when I turned 50, I realized that unless I would follow in Metusalem’s footsteps, this comforting thought was no longer true. It was time to choose how I would approach and embrace the fact that my physical form came with an expiration date.

In a youth-obsessed culture, more and more people are struggling with the fear of aging. Every year people spend more than $10 billion on plastic surgeries in the attempt to preserve their youthful appearance and thus still fit in. This is why the topic of this Empowerment Radio Show is so important.  You can also view here on youtube. Learn tips and tools on how to embrace the later chapters of your life with greater peace, joy and confidence and how you can overcome the fear of getting older.