Done with love? How to break-through the fear of getting hurt again.

Posted on May 28, 2013
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Are you afraid of falling in love? Maybe you have been disappointed or wounded one time too many and are no longer willing to make yourself vulnerable. Or maybe you felt suffocated and controlled in your previous relationships and decided it is better to be alone than unfree. So you are pushing people away to keep yourself safe from getting hurt again. But at the same time, you are feeling lonely and unwanted and long for someone else to make you feel better.

Love is one of the most enjoyable and powerful energies we can experience and share with others. Love in itself is healing and neither hurtful nor damaging. What causes the emotional suffering isn’t love but what falling in love can bring to the surface. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, whenever we open our heart to someone, we also get in touch with how we relate to ourselves. Unresolved insecurities, limiting beliefs and the lack of self-love and appreciation are the most common reasons why it may appear so scary for you to let others get close– and why you may have been so negatively affected by past relationships.

Listen to my interview on empowerment radio and learn how to heal and grow from past heartaches and make falling in love enjoyable and fulfilling again.