The Scientific Proof That Consciousness Creates Reality with Mark Gober

Posted on January 14, 2019
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I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. I am excited to sharing to 2 big announcements with you. First, this year I am sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 50 ways to empower yourself. These will be weekly insights and tools, which remind you that you are more than you may have believed – or have been made believe. This will be a year where we remember that we are born with sheer unlimited potential to grow, adapt and succeed. Just the fact that we learned how to walk, talk and feed ourselves proves that we are innately powerful.

But, how often do you feel rather powerless and out of control, whether you are stuck in traffic, struggle with your boss or turn on the news. Yet, self-empowerment isn’t defined by how much you can control other people, or the circumstances you are in. You are self-empowered when you are able to approach life with a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, and a deep desire to grow and evolve into your true, authentic self. So join me on my social media outlets and commit to your empowered self.

Now, to this week’s topic. Have you ever wondered why, when you are thinking about somebody, moments later that person calls you? And did you ever watch your dog get excited about your spouse or kids coming home minutes before the car pulls up on the driveway? Or, have you found that when you had strong intentions, somehow “the Universe” seemed to align to support them? How do you explain these phenomenon?mark gober scientific consciousness creates reality

Whether you realize it or not, most of modern society’s thinking is based upon a philosophy known as “materialism”—the notion that physical material, known as “matter,” is fundamental in the universe. In other words, it’s the basis of all reality. Everything is comprised of matter, and everything can be reduced to matter. Yet, my guest this week, Mark Gober, the author of An End to Upside Down Thinking, provides clear, scientific evidence, that consciousness is the force that precedes matter.

Mark uses the analogy that reality is like a stream of water where water represents consciousness, and each of us is a whirlpool (a localization of consciousness). The whirlpools are made of water (consciousness) and are simply part of the broader stream that is normally filtered out of our perception. It’s there–we just don’t normally perceive it unless we have a mystical or transcendental experience (e.g., psychedelics, near-death experiences, meditation techniques, etc.). Separation is, therefore, an illusion; the water is always part of the broader stream even if there is the appearance of individual whirlpools. The water also never disappears, it just changes form when the whirlpool dissipates (i.e., consciousness survives physical death). And water from one whirlpool can get into another whirlpool if a whirlpool opens up/delocalizes (i.e., psychic abilities such as telepathy).

Imagine how life could be different if we did indeed accept that all flows from consciousness and we are all part of the one consciousness? How could we apply this for an expansive, more gratifying, peaceful and incredibly exciting, unlimited, multidimensional future!

Tune in below and learn more about how a new, Quantum Physics based understanding of consciousness can shed light on seeming “wizard-like” gifts of telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis, near-death and manifestation. You can also download the audio and listen on your favorite music player or platform.