Be More Happy and Alive

Posted on January 3, 2017
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Empowerment RadioSome say it is a sign of aging, others believe in the acceleration of the Universe, but either way for me 2016 seemed to have been extremely short. This is why one of my intentions for 2017 is to be more mindful with the most precious commodity – our time.

At the beginning of a new year, many feel called to set intentions and make resolutions, such as losing weight, going more often to the gym or spending less and saving more. However, most self-improvement goals get abandoned within a couple of months. “I don’t have enough time, it isn’t feasible or I am not strong enough” are just some of the more common excuses for giving up. Yet, the real reason why people don’t stay committed to what they intended to do is, that their goals weren’t important enough to them. Many intentions come from a “should” and “have to” attitude, which makes them ultimately just another item on the already way too long to-do-list.

But what if your goals for this year wouldn’t require you to sweat, torture or deprive yourself, yet would guarantee you more happiness and fulfillment? What if you would intend to simply be more happy and alive? How? Here are 5 things I am committing to in order to reach this goal.

Tune into all of you: One important part of feeling more alive is to feel more of yourself. How often do we ignore our body and our emotions while mainly inhabiting the space above our neck. Thinking is made more important than feeling or sensing. Yet, by doing so we often miss out on the more meaningful and fulfilling aspects of life. It is like going to a restaurant to just read the menu without ever tasting the delicious food. Or being on a beach vacation without ever leaving the hotel room.

When we listen solely to our head we also don’t take advantage of the powerful guidance system of our emotions, sensations and intuition. While tuning into our body would make us most likely eat healthier and be more physically active, listening to the messages from our heart, would allow us to move through life with greater clarity and purpose.

Here is a simple process to connect mind, body, heart and spirit:

Every morning, before you rush out of the door, sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and take three long and deep breaths. Then turn your attention inside and visualize your soul or your essence as a beautiful bright light at the core of your being. As you tune into that light notice a profound sense of peace and calmness emanating from within. After a couple of minutes shift your focus towards your feelings, just neutrally observing what your emotional body is conveying to you. Are you detecting sadness, worry or frustration? Or do you feel curious, excited or peaceful? Take note of the emotional state in which you start out the day.

Next scan across your body and become aware of the subtle messages it may share with you. Are you perceiving tension, heaviness or a sense of emptiness in certain areas? And what about your physical sensations such as taste, smell or the temperature of your skin? Again, take on the role of the neutral observer. Then notice the thoughts that seem to bubble up from the depth of your mind. What is their theme and where do they want to convey to you?

To end gently refocus on your inner light, breathe into it and let it gently expand, become wider and brighter, until it encompasses your entire being – all the parts of who you are. Vow for this day to embrace all these aspects of you, to appreciate their gifts and honor their needs.

The other 4 ways to being more happy and alive that I commit to are:

  • Talk to the inner voices 
  • Collect daily joy points
  • Switch from “just get it over with” to “make the most of it”
  • Explore, stretch and discover

Are you curious and want to learn more about these 5 commitments? Listen to my upcoming Empowerment Radio Show or watch the replay on my youtube channel.

I wish you and your loved ones an abundance of peace, joy and love for 2017.