The changes that have taken place are—on any objective scale—astonishing…miraculous

Posted on July 24, 2018
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For quite a few years, I had been stuck—mired, in both my personal and professional life. Recognition as an artist, progress in relationships, new opportunities—everything seemed to be withheld. In despair, I finally confided in my MD (a trusted friend), who steered me to Dr. Friedemann Schaub. I’ve been working with Friedemann for the past seven months, and the changes that have taken place are—on any objective scale—astonishing…miraculous. Major relationships have been healed, the ripples of which are still spreading through my family. New opportunities have blossomed, and I suddenly find myself poised to enter the big leagues as an artist (something I’d been vainly striving to do for years). Things are FLOWING.

There’s no particular mystery to all this: When you clean up the big stuff in your life…then harness your mind and spirit…you will move in the direction you’re trying to go. It’s just that I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Friedemann. He is a unique and gifted healer, with enormous insight and boundless compassion. I recommend him to you fervently. He guided me back into life.