My pain [from abdominal adhesions] was absolutely gone

Posted on July 12, 2018
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I came to see Friedemann after living for several years with severe abdominal and back pain. I heard about him from a naturopathic physician and then I visited his website. Of course I was impressed after reading the many testimonials, but I was also skeptical. I knew the source of my pain was abdominal adhesions and I could not fathom how seeing Friedemann could help me. Intellectually I knew there was a connection between emotions/thinking/feelings and medical issues, but on another level I was beginning to be resigned to living with pain. On my first visit I was struck with the notion that Friedemann was a very special person and he had an energy about him that I knew was unusual and rare. I still wasn’t convinced that anything could help me, but I decided to continue with an open mind. A week or so after my second visit with Friedemann one day I noticed that my pain was gone. A few days later I noticed that I was extremely HAPPY. He kept calling me to see how I was doing and I kept hesitantly telling him I was fine, but only after a few weeks did I realize how fine I was. My pain was absolutely gone. It has now been several months, and I know beyond certainty that Friedemann saved me from a close brush with middle age!! I have also been amazed by Friedemann’s genuine concern for me. My initial intuition that he is very special person was spot on. Never in my life have I felt as on track as I do now. I cannot recommend him highly enough.