I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason

Posted on July 10, 2018
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When I first had my panic attack, I thought it was an isolated issue and soon was able to forget about it. The second time, I had a full blown panic attack/anxiety, again I was able to take medications and soon was off the medications and the signs and symptoms disappeared. But this last onset of the anxiety threw me for a loop. I did not know what was happening and why I was so fearful to the point of not being able to move. The rest which you are aware of.

When I was searching what to do and who can I contact to help me, I found your name on the internet. For whatever reason, I was drawn to you again and again. I first purchased your book/CD, then I finally contacted you and here I am several years later.

When I sought your help, I was in a deep and dark place experiencing depression with severe immobilizing fear and anxiety, which I had never felt.  As we continue to work together, I can now say with confidence that I am almost free from anxiety. Just the difference from last year to this year, I am a different person. You have helped me realize who I am and what I am capable of. I never knew that, with what had happened to me as a child and how I learned to think and believe would have a significant impact in my life to the point of total fear. I did not realize that I was thinking so negatively.

What you have taught me is that I am unconditionally loved and supported by the higher power and all the people around me such as my family. I always have had faith in the higher power, but did not totally believe that I have always been supported from moment to moment. I also learned that I am a good and strong person capable of taking care of myself and others in any situation.

I have now changed the way I observe my thoughts or situation and have made a significant progress in reducing the negative self-talk. I learned to respect and treat myself with compassion and care and not allow others to treat me any different. (WOW! I can speak up for myself, which is huge). I am no longer giving my power away and allow others to make me feel small. (Work in progress) I feel more confident about the future and continue to work to eliminate the occasional anxiety that I feel (i.e. Flying/sleep issues) and, now have noted that when I am working with clients at the hospital who have attempted suicide I feel more anxious. I do not know why this is a trigger and would like to explore further to resolve any subconscious reasons.

Dr. Friedemann, you have been a blessing for me, you have supported me in a professional, yet compassionate way without judgement through my journey. I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason. I always keep you in my prayers and feel that I am so blessed in having known you not just you as a practitioner, but as a person. I feel that I have made a friend from across the globe and hopefully can one day meet you in person to say THANK YOU.