I am just amazed of how confident and powerful I feel

Posted on July 27, 2018
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I love to share my successes but I don’t even know where to begin because so many things go well in different areas of my life. I really attribute a lot of this to the work I did with Dr. Schaub. Living out of a state of joy and fun is a totally new concept for me and opens up so much. I have started to go out and meet people and I can’t even believe what I am experiencing. It sounds like bragging but I am just amazed of how confident and powerful I feel and how this attracts a whole lot of people to me. It is so amazing that I don’t act out of fear anymore but out of a sense of power. This is all so different than how I used to be and it is a different state of being than in the past.

In the past, I would feel intimidated, inferior and envious of other people who seemed more successful than me. But now I feel so at ease with myself and with people even if they own 50 million dollars. I don’t fear anymore that people will reject me or what they think about me. I don’t feel anymore cut off from life but part of the flow and feel so optimistic about the future. I used to be afraid to look into the mirror – now I look with love and tenderness and am so happy about what I see. I just love my life. I know it can’t always feel so upbeat and promising; but, next time I get sad or go through low times, I will not condemn it and won’t question if all the good times I had were simply an illusion.

I attribute my newly found confidence and joy to the work with Friedemann and to his understanding of what my desires were really about. It’s very powerful when someone sees you from a state of potentiality and Friedemann is always able to point out opportunities and learnings.