Getting to know and love my younger self has changed my life forever

Posted on July 12, 2018
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I lived much of life keeping anxiety at bay, but when an accident occurred in my mid-thirties it triggered a level of stress that I had never known before. For over a year, I struggled to enjoy the little things in life, and then I came across the work of Dr. Friedemann Schaub. Through our sessions, the homework and listening to his calm meditations, my experience in daily life began to change. I began to laugh, have more energy and stay calm in the face of adversity. I have had therapy before, but the work we did together was different. It was more thorough, and got me thinking about tough questions that ultimately led to my emotional freedom. Getting to know and love my younger self has changed my life forever. While it has been absolutely incredible to enjoy friendships and be motivated to innovate at work again, what I am most grateful for is my new relationship with myself. Before my work with Dr. Friedemann I was exhausted from being at war with difficult emotions. I am forever grateful to Dr. Friedemann for sharing so much wisdom with me, and having so much patience as I changed over the course of our sessions. My new mindset has put me on a new and wonderful path. My life is richer and more authentic than I ever realized it could be. Thank you, Dr. Friedemann!