[Dr. Schaub] was truly my life saver

Posted on August 16, 2018
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There are no words to express what Dr. Schaub did to help me during the most difficult time of life when I was struggling with fear and anxiety.

God gave me a precious gift when I meet Dr. Schaub; he was truly my life saver. So many times I felt like I was drowning and then he would give me the tools and compassion to make me feel safe in discovering my true self.

Dr. Schaub helped me navigate through this amazing journey that let me know that the universe is wonderful and full of favor.

I will be forever grateful for the work, compassion and kindness that Dr. Schaub provided as I found my way back to a great life. I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with fear and anxiety to reach out to Dr. Schaub and start your journey home today.

In hard times I have learned three things

  • I am stronger then I imagined
  • God is closer than I ever realized
  • And that I am loved more than I ever knew

Thank you Dr. Schaub for helping me know that I am an amazing person and worthy of life’s greatness.