Dr. Friedemann’s guidance has brought me out of life-long depression

Posted on August 22, 2018
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In my work with Dr Friedemann, I became aware of many life-long negative patterns that affected my self-perception. I had been conscious of some of these self-defeating patterns, but was astounded at how many and how deeply they can be rooted. I discovered parts of myself that I had submerged. The anxiety, fears, worries, and negative approach to life were telling me these parts needed love, acceptance, and upliftment. I’m a pediatrician and have no trouble being compassionate and treating children with unconditional love.

Dr. Friedemann’s techniques and guidance has brought me out of life-long depression. It has been such a joy to be able to unconditionally love myself. Recognizing, accepting, and developing alternative ways of dealing with fears, anxiety, and the underlying self has revolutionized my life. Being in touch with the joy and enjoyment of life makes being here on Earth infinitely better. And to remember to practice, practice, practice these principles and techniques helps keep me free of anxieties and fears that I had allowed to restrict my life.