Simple Practices to Empower Yourself

Posted on March 15, 2021
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Do you sometimes feel that you live on autopilot, going through the motions, dutifully attending to your obligations - utterly unaware of your body and what happens in the present moment? Most of us are so busy that we forget to focus on how we really feel, what we truly desire, and what we need to do to move our lives in the right direction. Instead of engaging with the now and what is right in front of us, we rehash and regret the past, or worry about the future, wondering why time seems to pass so quickly. 

Yet, stopping this unhealthy trend, slowing down and living with greater calmness and fulfillment doesn't have to be complicated. My guest on this last episode of Empowerment Radio is productivity and wellness specialist, Melissa Steginus, who has just released a new book on this topic: Everyday Mindfulness: 108 Simple Practices to Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life. 

Her are some excerpts from her new book:

What it means to be mindful

Mindfulness is about paying attention with intention. Powerful things happen when you take a moment to fully observe your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and surroundings. You begin to recognize what it means to be alive-to think, to feel, to exist in an infinite universe filled with infinite possibilities. When you give your full attention to the world around you and the one within you, you gain a deep appreciation for your existence, and you learn how to access the profound insights and wisdom you hold. You expand your consciousness, or rather, you tap into the full consciousness that already lies within you.

To be mindful is to embody this consciousness, to live your life in accordance with the realization that you're alive. This process doesn't have to be revolutionary. In fact, as you cultivate the simple yet profound practice of paying attention, most days might feel quite ordinary. This is because the transformative power of mindfulness lies in practice. You can use your daily tasks and routines to immerse yourself in the present moment and appreciate the wonder of your existence-if you pay attention.


PURPOSE: Rather than giving in to the temptation of pressing snooze repeatedly, use a mindful morning routine to slowly ease into your day. While it may not sound as enticing as those few extra minutes of sleep, your morning routine will be much more valuable. Begin as you intend to continue: mindfully. Start with a mindful routine, and you will carry mindfulness with you throughout your day.

PRACTICE: If you don't already have a morning routine, try these five simple steps:

1.     When your alarm goes off the first time, sit up and turn on a light or quietly head into another room.

2.     Take a deep breath, smile, and express gratitude for a new day.

3.     Set an intention for the day ("Today, I will be, practice, or focus on ________").

4.     Think of one thing you can do today to live out your intention and commit to doing it.

5.     If you haven't already done so, now is the time to crawl out of bed. Move slowly, do some stretches, and make yourself a healthy breakfast.


PURPOSE: Self-expression is essential to awareness and love, especially since many of us spend so much time fitting into roles and boxes defined by others. Express yourself by doing something that makes you feel authentically you. You define yourself, and you do this by engaging in what makes you feel connected and fulfilled.

PRACTICE: Spend 30 minutes on an activity that brings you closer to yourself by making you feel happy and in your element. Sing and dance to your favorite album, paint a picture, do yoga, or get your hands dirty in the garden. Whatever the activity, focus on what it feels like, rather than what it might look like (especially the dancing!). Have fun with being uniquely you.


PURPOSE: Pay attention to what you want, and you will invest more time and energy into it. As you know from the previous mention of the Law of Attraction, clearly identifying what you value and desire is essential to living your ideals. Writing down what matters to you is a great first step, as it gives you clarity, keeps you accountable, and allows you to reflect on your progress.

PRACTICE: Today is all about exploring what deeply matters to you. Dig into today's questions to explore your personal priorities and plan how to pursue them. Resist the temptation to edit your thoughts and ideas as you answer each question. Simply write the first few things that come to mind and see where it takes you!

Melissa's motto is that "your time and energy are your most precious resources."

Join Melissa Steginus and I this Thursday, March 18 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET and learn how you can maximize your time and energy in simple ways that will transform your life. You may also tune in on Facebook Live. Stay tuned for information on my newest podcast, beginning April 1st.