From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Courage

Posted on February 12, 2019
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Empowerment Radio Click to PlayMost of us struggle at some point with the fact that our lives may be already half over. All of a sudden, we notice how gravity has got a hold of our body, our energy seems to no longer be at our beck and call, and our memory has become more porous.  We take an inventory of what we have accomplished and experienced so far, and wonder, “Now what?” From there, it is just a skip and a hop to developing a full blown midlife crisis. It is during these times that we need to find the courage and strength to address our perceived limitations, be flexible with our approach to life, and refocus on thriving. My guest on Empowerment Radio this Wednesday is Sheree Clark, a Midlife Courage Coach and the founder of The Fork in the Road.

Here is a message from Sheree: “I’ve lost myself at least 100 times. It didn’t happen overnight, it never does. In my relationship, it started with little things. I started cooking—and eating—what he liked, even though I preferred other things. He didn’t like symphony, so I didn’t renew my season tickets.

“By themselves, these are not big things—but combined with all the other ways I gave (and gave, and…) to others in my life, it’s no wonder I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you’ve given slivers (or chunks) of yourself up to:

  • Raising kids—yours, his, the neighborhoods
  • Caring for aging parents—no one is ready for the role reversal thing
  • Being an employee—“sure I can take on their extra project—again”
  • Or maybe you’re the boss (the buck stops…) or a volunteer (you always say yes & they know it) or a BFF (the dependable one!)

“And so it happens, little by little you stop doing what you like to do, stop making time for self-care, put the pause button on your dreams.

“And yet in the quiet times you remember. You see something, hear something, smell something that pokes you. “I used to love to…” you hear yourself say. Or you find a photograph of yourself, run across an award you won, stumble onto a note someone wrote you. And you notice your chest aches a little.

That ache—that’s your heart talking to you. It’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. You’re still in there, still able, still willing. You just need to remember how. How to say no, of course. But more importantly, how to say yes.”

Join me and Sheree on Empowerment Radio as we will talk about the insights and tools you need to boost your courage and confidence to make the second half of your life filled with joy, purpose and excitement. Watch below or download audio to listen on your favorite player.