Keys to Self-Healing

Posted on June 13, 2016
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Empowerment RadioWhen I worked as a physician in a huge cardiology unit at the University of Munich, Germany I knew very little about self-healing. Medical school hadn’t offered any courses on this subject and even the connection between mind and body was pretty much ignored. Although an increasing number of studies have demonstrated how stress and anxiety could promote cardiovascular diseases, the emotional challenges of our patients were neither investigated nor addressed in the treatment plans. The focus was on treating the physical symptoms, such as high blood pressure, nicotine consumption, and elevated cholesterol levels―all of which can result from chronic stress. I often wanted to sit down with my patients and talk about their lives and how their illnesses were impacting them both mentally and emotionally. However, as is common in big hospitals, we could spend only ten to fifteen minutes per day with each patient―obviously not enough time to really get to know the people who faithfully put their lives in our hands.

After several years, the stress of my high-powered job and my growing dissatisfaction with the rather “mechanical” healing approach of allopathic medicine started to drain me. I decided to take a break and accepted a scholarship for a postdoctoral research position at the University of Washington in Seattle, which, after four years, gave me a PhD in molecular biology. Being immersed in the world of basic research significantly changed my perspective on human potential. As a physician, I was trained to view the body as rather fragile and prone to failure. Science, however, illuminated a simple fact that I hadn’t fully realized until then: each and every cell of our bodies has an intelligence and sheer unlimited potential to grow, adapt, and heal in ways that are still far too complex for us to fully comprehend. The ability of our body to maintain trillions of cells in a delicate equilibrium is truly ingenious and suggests that there is a regulating consciousness that connects and directs all of our cells. But what is this regulating consciousness, and how can we access and work with it to utilize our innate healing potential as effectively as possible?

This is when I became more and more interested in the mind-body connection. I studied different methods and modalities, from yoga and meditation to NLP and energy psychology to find ways to consciously access our innate healing powers. The longer I studied the mind-spirit connection, the more I realized my traditional perspective of health and healing was undergoing a serious transformation.

Healing isn’t supposed to be a battle between good and evil or health and disease, where we doctors sweep in like knights in shining armor, equipped with powerful and often deadly weapons, determined to “win” at any cost. And the patient isn’t meant to be the battlefield, staying passive and “patient” still until the war is over. Illness is an integral component of a powerful organic system, which has evolved throughout hundreds of thousands of years. The primary purpose of illness is to alert us that we are, on some level, distressed and out of balance. To heal and regain our natural state of wholeness, the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, we need to identify and address the deeper root causes of this stress and imbalance―and even more importantly, learn how to take advantage of our innate healing powers.

For this week’s Empowerment Radio Show I have invited an expert on self-healing, Johannes Fisslinger. Johannes is the author of Meta-Health, the founder of LifestylePrescriptions.TV

Self-Healing Made Easy” and META-Health University and an innovative leader and master trainer in the Organ-Mind-Brain-Lifestyle Connection and Art and Science of Self-Healing.

Join us and learn about important self-healing topics such as,

– Why knowing the root-cause of your symptoms will transform
– How specific emotions and beliefs affect your organ symptoms
– How you can loose fear of symptoms (even cancer …)
– Love your bacteria, microbes and heal
– The importance of the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection
– The Power of Lifestyle Medicine and science of self-healing
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