How to Listen to the Healing Messages of your Emotions

Posted on October 13, 2012
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Often we don’t take the time to listen to our emotions – especially if they are perceived as “negative.” We avoid feeling them, because they appear too random, irrational and at times even overwhelming and utterly uncontrollable. However, by ignoring or avoiding these emotions, we don’t only miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow from them, but we also run the risk of having anger, sadness, anxiety or shame accumulate in our subconscious mind. Such emotional baggage can weigh us down, drain our energy and make us more susceptible to experience those feeling we tried to tune out. We rage in a traffic jam, cry at a hallmark commercial, jump when a fork drops or freeze when asked a question. In addition to that, emotional baggage has shown to weaken our immune system, which can lead to chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular and auto-immune diseases.

Here is a simple 3 step exercise, which allows you to consciously connect to your emotions, begin to understand and address their deeper meaning – and by doing so release them from their subconscious storage.To access this exercise click here.