How to find the strength in “over-sensitivity”

Posted on November 12, 2012
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Do you feel too much too quickly? Are you crushed by a faintly critical remark of a friend and over-analyze every conversation you have? Do you feel embarrassed for people’s blunders on TV? Or do you even avoid going to the mall or the movies, because you seem to pick up on everybody’s energy?

No questions, being over-sensitive can be a challenge. Highly sensitive people sponge emotions – their own and those of others – making them feel easily wired and overwhelmed. There seems to be not enough time or energy to process the feelings and sensations, which can lead eventually to emotional exhaustion and physical problems.

On top of it, sensitive people often feel “different” and isolated from the rest of the world. Generally speaking, our society has little room and patience for feelings. Logic and toughness are far more accepted than emotions and sensitivity. Being highly sensitive is considered a flaw and weakness, with very little “competitive” value.

So what can you do? Suppress your sensitivity or pretend that you are unaffected by it? The fact is that sensitivity is a strength, which when you learn how to control and utilize, can lead to greater self-awareness, success, and fulfillment.

Listen to this upcoming radio interview to learn the keys on how to access and work with the power of sensitivity.

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