Is It Time For A Heart-Care Revolution?

Posted on July 16, 2018
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speakerMy special guest on Empowerment Radio, Dr. Gerald Buckberg, and I have a few things in common. We both have a cardiology background, we both are fascinated by new discoveries and possibilities in regards to health and healing, and we both believe that conventional medicine is in need of a serious upgrade.

As early as the 1940s, Tournier, a Swiss physician, claimed that allopathic medicine failed to consider the wholeness of the human being, which, he said, consists of body, mind, and spirit. Much ahead of his time, Tournier combined medicine and counseling in his practice and frequently invited his patients to his home to sit with him by the fireplace. In his books, he described how his patients, when given the time and space to share the thoughts, feelings, and stories behind their physical challenges, started to relax, open up, and enter into a healing state. Tournier found that these conversations often seemed to accomplish more than the medicine he had prescribed to them.

Having had the privilege of witnessing many similar healing openings in my own practice over the years, I believe that when people have the opportunity to realize and speak their truths, their minds, bodies, and spirits start to realign, enabling them to access their true healing potential. In contrary to what I used to believe as a physician, I no longer consider healing as a battle between good and evil or health and disease, where we doctors sweep in like knights in shining armor, equipped with powerful and often deadly weapons, determined to “win” at any cost. And the patient isn’t meant to be the battlefield, staying passive and “patient” still until the war is over.

I certainly appreciate how medicine has benefitted and improved our lives in so many ways. And I have gratefully taken my share of pain medication or antibiotics and will continue to do so when necessary. However, the current paradigm of allopathic medicine doesn’t encourage us to trust in and utilize our own innate wisdom and healing potential, but instead fosters a sense of dependency, disempowerment, and fear of illness. In new mind-body-spirit healing perspectives, illness is not the enemy of health, but an integral component of a powerful organic system, which has evolved throughout hundreds of thousands of years. The primary purpose of illness is to alert us that we are, on some level, distressed and out of balance. To heal and regain our natural state of wholeness, the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, we need to identify and address the deeper root causes of this stress and imbalance―and even more importantly, learn how to take advantage of our innate healing powers.

My guest, Dr. Gerald Buckberg, is aiming for another kind of health care revolution. Dr. Buckberg is a cardiac surgeon and researcher whose landmark procedures are used by 85% of surgeons in the US and nearly that many worldwide. However, more recent breakthroughs that he and his team developed are being ignored by the medical establishment. The resistance to new approaches means that proven treatments for major cardiac illnesses exist, but are not being used!

In his new book, Solving the Mysteries of Heart, Dr. Buckberg provides valuable information including:

  • Why 90% of patients die from sudden death, when there are procedures that could save 80% of lives
  • How CPR can be done for up to 150 minutes without any brain damage (currently 15 minutes is the average)
  • How to avoid damage to the heart after a heart attack, extending the patient’s life and preventing heart failure
  • How rigidity in the medical system is preventing these life-saving solutions from being adopted, and what patients can do to force a change that can save their own and their loved ones lives

Tune into Empowerment Radio and learn more about Dr. Buckberg’s mission to further break down the medical barriers, inform the public directly and create a revolution in healthcare so these proven treatments will be exposed and implemented and millions of lives will be saved.