Don’t Live with Anxiety

Posted on April 6, 2016
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Empowerment RadioHave you been feeling more anxious lately? I don’t know about you, but when I was struggling with my own anxiety, I often felt completely overwhelmed by this emotion. My mind was racing with negative and self-critical thoughts. My belief of not being good enough made my work as a young physician incredibly stressful, because I was always worried about making a mistake and failing. And my relationships suffered, because battling with myself made me often cranky and no fun to be around. Just like most people, I viewed anxiety as a flaw and a weakness, which I needed to either ignore or somehow get rid of. But the harder I tried to either ignore, suppress or distract myself from my emotions, the more anxious and insecure I became.

My struggles with anxiety are one of the reasons, why I am so passionate about helping people to overcome this emotional challenge – not by fighting ourselves, but by making peace with and outgrowing the anxiety. Are you ready to breakthrough your fear and anxiety for good? The next Fear and Anxiety Solution Video Seminar starts April 30. Don’t miss this opportunity – honestly, I wish someone would have given me this information on how to heal, grow and overcome anxiety when I was in the thick of it.

The truth is, anxiety is a natural emotion, which similar to physical pain, points towards deeper root causes that need to be addressed. But what are those root causes and how difficult is it to resolve them? There are three distinct reasons, why you may be struggling with anxiety: The first on is, that you’re still carrying with you unresolved memories and emotional baggage of the past. As a result, a harmless situation can turn into the proverbial drop that causes the water to spill over the edge of the cup or the last bit of steam that causes the pressure cooker to explode.

The second subconscious root cause is, that you are in conflict with yourself. For example while one part of you is aiming for success and expansion, your anxious side is trying to keep you safe. You can tell that you are dealing with an inner conflict, when as soon as you want to take a small risk or intend to change and improve yourself, a voice inside of you pipes up with messages such as”this won’t work, who do you think you are, you don’t have what it takes….”

The third, and may be most powerful root cause of anxiety are the core limiting beliefs, for example “I am not good enough or I am not safe in the world.” Limiting beliefs can become self-fulfilling prophecies and are thus some of the biggest obstacles on your life’s journey.

The good news is, that by working directly with your subconscious mind, you can address and resolve these root causes of your anxiety and thus build a greater foundation of confidence, self-worth and inner peace.

Tune into Empowerment Radio and learn how the upcoming “The Fear and Anxiety Solution Video Seminar” can help you make peace with anxiety and move from stuckness to empowerment.