Are you Hiding Out from Life?

Posted on April 28, 2016
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Empowerment RadioDo you feel safer being invisible? Do you avoid any attention and feel safer when you are not getting noticed?

If you are living in avoidance mode, you are probably very sensitive to criticism, rejection and potential failure. You remain in a small and controllable comfort zone and preemptively discourage, loath and criticize yourself, before anyone else can do this to you. The problem with such a comfort zone is it has the tendency to become smaller and smaller until leaving the house becomes a major chore.

As an avoider you may deny yourself any sense of empowerment, because in your mind feeling confident and positive only increases the risk of getting hurt. However, the truth is that all living beings have the natural desire to grow and expand. Suppressing this innate force in order to keep yourself and your life small and safe takes enormous effort, which is one of the major reasons why avoiders tend to suffer from low energy.

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