What Does It Mean to “Get Real?”

Many of us don’t dare to show who we really are. Even if we were to ignore the COVID-pandemic and other global challenges we’re confronted with, modern-day life has become increasingly stressful. 

We no longer slow down to listen to our thoughts, to face our emotions, or to ask deep questions such as “What do I really want?” “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of life?” As a result, we feel increasingly ungrounded, powerless and disconnected from ourselves, which further triggers stress and anxiety.

So how can we break through this vicious cycle and get back in touch with who we are? 

0:00​ – What does it mean to “Get Real”?
3:20​ – How our insecurities cause us to make assumptions of others
6:50​ – So how did we get “unreal”?
9:00​ – How high achievers become disconnected with themselves
11:07​ – How our “owner’s manual” was written by someone else
15:44​ – The hardest things we need to do in order to start getting real
19:15​ – The damage competition does to us
22:51​ – An exercise to start cultivating presence with your being

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